Plugging the leaks in cement packaging

09:54 | 13/06/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - A rapid growth of the Vietnamese cement sector raises questions of how to increase efficiency and minimize hazards to workers and the environment. The design and usage of cement bags play an important role in addressing these concerns.

Hoang Huu Tan, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Construction’s Building Materials Department, told a recent a roundtable discussion in Hanoi that the country has 79 cement production lines with total capacity of 87.86 million tonnes and this figure is forecast to increase to 109.46 million tonnes by 2020.

Speaking at the April 20 seminar on fostering innovation in Vietnam’s cement packaging sector and sharing global best practices, he said the current KPK sacks in current usage result in economic losses due to leakage during the packaging and transportation process.

This leakage means that cement producers regularly have to pack extra cement in every 50kg bag to ensure the correct amount when the sack reaches the final consumer. This leakage is also a threat to cement factory workers, construction site workers and the environment.

At the workshop, the leading Swedish packaging company, BillerudKorsnas, introduced QuickFill Clean new high-porous paper cement bags, which are widely used in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Nguyen Hoan Cau, general secretary of the Vietnam National Cement Association, said the usage of paper cement bags is necessary, contributing to minimizing economic losses, as well as worker and environmental hazards. In addition, paper cement bags are easy to recover and recycle for other purposes. However, changing traditional packaging will be hard at the beginning due to low awareness of businesses and financial difficulties.

Hoang Huu Tan emphasized the importance of using new highly porous paper cement bags, which will help overcome the weaknesses of the cement sector. Therefore, the Vietnamese government needs to encourage and create favorable conditions for cement businesses to promote cooperation in this field.

To promote the usage of environmentally friendly cement bags, Nguyen Hoan Cau proposed a broad information campaign and specific roadmap. In addition, financial resources must be made available to businesses in the pilot production phase.

BillerudKorsnas and The VISSAI group signed a Letter of Intent concerning QuickFill Clean cement paper sacks, positioning

The VISSAI as a pioneer in adopting the eco-friendly packaging product for the Vietnamese cement sector.

Nguyen Hanh