Phuoc Son District making a breakthrough from advantages

16:06 | 08/11/2013 Economy- Society

(VEN) - In the past, Quang Nam Province’s Phuoc Son District was a place associated with illegal gold mining activities. Today, the leadership of the district and local people have strived to promote positive changes in Phuoc Son through the utilization of its potential and advantages.

Phuoc Son is confident of its potential for tourism development

The district has achieved good initial results in utilizing its water resources to serve irrigation, everyday lives of people and hydropower development. Some power plants of the Dak Mil hydropower system have begun generating power. The construction of some other power plants is underway and will finish in the near future, promising the contribution of several hundred MW of electricity to the national power grid each year.

With forest trees covering 65 percent of its natural area, Phuoc Son District is home to the Song Thanh Nature Reserve and many mountains which are about 2,000m high from the sea surface. It is an ideal destination for tourists during their tours along the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail. Phuoc Son also attracts visitors to its charming eco-tourist sites and festivals of highland ethnic people. Visitors to the district will have a chance to discover many special kinds of food here. With these advantages, Phuoc Son is confident of its potential for tourism development. It has become and will continue to be a new, interesting tourist destination.

In recent years, Phuoc Son achieved a good socioeconomic growth rate. Notably, the new rural development program has been effectively developed in many communes of the district.

The district’s leadership said that to achieve short and long-term goals set for socioeconomic development in the coming period, Phuoc Son would concentrate on training human resources, building infrastructure and developing trade, services and tourism along with promoting forestation and ensuring effective forest management.

The district has accelerated economic restructuring in the direction of increasing the percentage of industries, trade and services. It is expected that by 2015, agriculture and forestry will account for 23.9 percent of the district’s economy; industries and construction 28.9 percent; trade and services 47.2 percent.

Agricultural production will be developed in the direction of increasing productivity and improving product quality through the application of scientific research results and new technologies. Animal husbandry will be promoted. The district will increase investment in irrigation works and consolidate canals to ensure sufficient water supplies for agricultural production. The national target program on new rural development will continue to be developed, focusing on two communes of Phuoc Chanh and Phuoc Nang. The new rural development program will be implemented in combination with socioeconomic development programs. New schools and medical stations will be built. The rural power grid will be developed to ensure a sufficient supply of electricity for production and people’s everyday lives. Phuoc Son expects that 95-100 percent of hamlets and over 95 percent of households in the district will have access to electricity in the near future.

Phuoc Son has applied some policies that encourage businesses from all economic sectors to invest in expanding production and improve the quality of trade and services. Appropriate plans for tourism development will be made. A favorable environment will be created to attract investment into industrial parks for small and medium enterprises so that 70 percent of their area will be filled up with investment projects by 2015./.

By Sy Hung