Phuc Long Industrial Park: Quality and responsibility

15:49 | 29/12/2017 Companies

(VEN) - With a favorable location, adequate infrastructure and preferential policies, the Phuc Long Industrial Park (IP) is one of the leading investment attractors among Long An Province’s IPs. 

phuc long industrial park quality and responsibility

Great advantages

The 79ha Phuc Long IP is located on National Highway 1A, Ben Luc Township, Ben Luc District, Long An Province. It is 25km far from Ho Chi Minh City, 14km from Tan An City, 23km from the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, 22km from the Saigon Railway Station, and 3km from the Bourbon Ben Luc Port. This favorable location is a great advantage for domestic and foreign investors.

Land in the Phuc Long IP is owned by the state. This helps prevent financial risks for investors renting land in the IP. The Phuc Long Company Limited has carried out careful geological surveys to help investors estimate construction costs before building their manufacturing facilities.

The company has built manufacturing facilities, each covering 600sq.m or a larger area, for lease to serve small to medium investors. It is willing to build larger factories according to specific designs provided by customers. Small-sized, independent manufacturing facilities will be a good choice for new businesses.

The national power grid along National Highway 1A and the medium-voltage electrical system in the Phuc Long IP ensure sufficient power supplies for manufacturing facilities. The IP has put into operation a 5,200cu.m-per-day wastewater treatment system. It has also installed an automatic monitoring system to examine the quality of treated wastewater, which has signal connections with the Long An Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

phuc long industrial park quality and responsibility
Phuc Long IP’s wastewater treatment plant

Sense of responsibility

The Phuc Long Company Limited has pledged to provide investors with assistance and consulting to contribute to the success of their projects in the IP.

The company has invested in facilities that are useful for investment projects. These include automated teller machines (ATMs), convenience stores, and accommodations for experts and workers. The company also assists investors in implementing administrative procedures.

Businesses having investment projects in the Phuc Long IP are also provided with customs services, as well as assistance and consultancy in worker recruitment, factory design and equipment installation. The IP’s location between Ho Chi Minh City and Ben Luc Township makes it easy for businesses to attract skilled workers from Ho Chi Minh City and manual workers from the Mekong Delta. The IP works with specialized labor consultancy and supply agencies, such as Eshuhai, Brainworks, Nhat Tinh Viet, Hang Sinh Co., Ltd, Long An Vocational College and Long An Economic and Technical High School, to meet investor demand for human resources.

Mai Tri Hieu from the Phuc Long Company Limited, said, “Establishing IPs is a complicated process. We are very careful in selecting suitable fields for investment attraction. The Phuc Long IP has a specific area for Japanese companies in the field of support industries, an area for steel businesses from the Republic of Korea, and another area for textile and garment, dyeing, leather and footwear companies from Chinese Taipei.”

The Phuc Long IP and its founding member, TVP Steel Joint Stock Company, use part of their profits to fund community activities, such as building houses of gratitude, making Tet donations for poor people, and presenting scholarships to poor students.

Phuc Long Company Limited Address: 400, National Highway 1A, Quarter 9, Ben Luc Township, Ben Luc District, Long An Province Marketing and Sales Department Tel: +84 723 655 705 Hotline: +84 946 709 881 Email: Website:

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