Pho Yen achieves NRAC criteria

16:27 | 19/09/2015 Society

(VEN) - All communes in Pho Yen District, Thai Nguyen Province, which have achieved New Rural Area Construction (NRAC) criteria, have experienced improved environments.

Pho Yen achieves NRAC criteria

The Tan Huong Commune People’s Committee holds a ceremony to receive its NRAC certification

According to the district’s NRAC Steering Committee, Pho Yen has four key NRAC piloting communes. Last year, it  recorded Tan Huong Commune that achieved all NRAC criteria, three communes achieving 16 NRAC criteria, four communes achieving 15 NRAC criteria, three communes achieving 13 NRAC criteria, two communes achieving 11 NRAC criteria, one achieving 10 NRAC criteria and one achieving 5 NRAC criteria. This year, the district is striving to have three of its communes achieving all NRAC criteria including Dong Tien, Hong Tien and Nam Tien.

On January 1, 2015, the Tan Huong Commune People’s Committee held a ceremony to receive its NRAC certification, highlighted as the first commune in Pho Yen District and one of 12 communes in Thai Nguyen Province achieving all NRAC criteria. This positive result underlined the hard work of the entire province. Households in Tan Huong have donated about 14,000sq.m of land and the commune has raised VND35.76 billion for local NRAC implementation. After three years of NRAC implementation from 2012 to 2014, the commune reduced its poverty rate from 13.4 percent to 5.92 percent. Local women’s unions have played an important role in NRAC implementation, piloting 13 production models each earning more than VND100 million per year.

With the aim to have its key NRAC piloting communes achieve all NRAC criteria this year, Pho Yen has focused on local NRAC implementation. “The district’s NRAC Steering Committee has implemented a set of solutions related to financial and human resources to quickly remove local difficulties and obstacles. In addition, it has also promoted NRAC propaganda and managed to get full central and provincial financial support while continuing to mobilize people to participate in monitoring the local NRAC implementation process,” said Deputy Chairman of the Pho Yen District People’s Committee Nguyen Van Luong.

Thanks to continual joint efforts, most communes in the district have achieved basic NRAC criteria.

Dong Tien Commune basically achieved NRAC criteria with a self-evaluated score of 97.1 points, which was accepted by the Thai Nguyen Provincial NRAC Evaluation Team.

Also on August 12 the team continued with evaluating NRAC criteria for Nam Tien Commune to submit to the provincial people’s committee for recognition the same month.

On August 12 Hong Tien Commune, with a self-audited 98.3 points, received approval as a NRAC qualified commune and would later be recognized by the provincial people’s committee. It was the 29th commune in Thai Nguyen Province and the final in Pho Yen’s NRAC Plan 2015 to accomplish NRAC implementation.

Through this Pho Yen has accomplished its NRAC goal for 2015, with four communes meeting all NRAC criteria, underlining Thai Nguyen as a driving force to better continue its NRAC implementation in the future./.


Hong Duong