Petrol prices increased by over 300 VND per liter

09:52 | 21/07/2017 Society

The ministries of industry and trade and finance decided to raise retail petrol prices as of 3 p.m on July 20.

A staff sells fuel for a customer at a Petrolimex filling station - Photo: VNA

The retail price of RON 92 increased by 357 VND to trade at a maximum of 16,426 VND (0.72 USD) per liter. The price of E5 bio-fuel rose by 333 VND to trade at the ceiling price of 16,251 VND (0.71 USD) per liter.

Diesel 0.05S will be sold at the maximum price of 13,329 VND (0.58 USD) per litre and kerosene at 11,936 VND (0.52 USD) per liter.

The average global price of RON 92 during 15 days to July 20 was 57,856 USD per barrel while that of diesel 0.05S was 59,918 USD per barrel.

Theo VNA