PC Vinh Phuc ensures sufficient power supply for peak demand

09:52 | 23/06/2022 Economy

(VEN) - The Vinh Phuc Power Company (PC Vinh Phuc) has approved various investment projects since the beginning of the year to ensure stable, safe and reliable operation of the power system and smooth power supply during the hot season’s peak demand in the mountainous northwestern province.

pc vinh phuc ensures sufficient power supply for peak demand
PC Vinh Phuc has strengthened maintenance and repair to fix power grid faults

The prolonged hot weather in the northern region will increase demand for electricity, significantly affect the operation, stability and safety of the power grid, and may cause local overload in a number of areas. PC Vinh Phuc reviewed the provincial power grid at the start of the year and implemented solutions for safe operation of the power system, while strengthening maintenance and repair to fix faults.

Since the beginning of the year, PC Vinh Phuc has installed 41.813km of low and medium voltage transmission lines and energized 37 transformer stations with total capacity of 14,000kVA, while conducting additional installation of the 110kV Vinh Phuc mobile transformer station with capacity of 31.5MVA to prevent overloading the 110kV Thien Ke transformer station.

In addition to investment in installation, maintenance and repair of the power grid and transmission lines, the company has asked units to strengthen inspection and increase its operations when temperatures exceed 36 degrees Celsius in order to promptly handle incidents and minimize outages.

The company has gradually applied information technology and modernized equipment to reduce human intervention in the production process in order to improve accuracy and transparency in its business activities, while diversifying communication methods to enhance customer experience. In addition, the company has guided customers on the use of an app to check their electricity consumption, contributing to efficient power use.

The company has also coordinated with local authorities and organizations to strengthen information dissemination about power-saving solutions and efficient power use. The company has recommended that businesses invest in power-saving equipment and minimize the use of large-capacity equipment during peak hours.

PC Vinh Phuc is determined to perform the management and operation of the power grid, contributing to ensuring smooth power supply even during the hot season’s peak demand.

Chi Huong