Party Resolution on international economic integration

14:50 | 07/11/2016 Events

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on November 5 signed a resolution on effectively implementing international economic integration, maintaining social political stability in the context of Vietnam’s participation in new-generation free trade agreements.

Party Resolution on international economic integration

The resolution states consistently pursuing the external policy of independence, self-reliance, persification, multilateralization of international relations, being proactive in international economic integration for national interests is the major strategic direction for national construction and defense.

It underlines the importance to creatively apply lessons and deal with major relations including relations between economic independence and self-reliance and extensive international economic integration. 

It says international economic integration is the focus of international integration and that integration in other areas needs to serve international economic integration. International economic integration is the common cause of the entire people with businessmen and intellectuals are the vanguards. 

The State needs to focus on encouraging and creating conditions for the development and improvement of competitive edge of Vietnam, Vietnamese enterprises and products, increasing the development level of the national economy, ensuring coordination between renovation and international economic integration, and the Party’s absolute leadership in international economic integration.

The Resolution also points out a number of major policies which include strengthening the ideological work, improving awareness, fine-tuning the legal system, improving law enforcement, increasing competitiveness, promoting agricultural development in association with new rural development, strengthening national defense and security, raising Vietnam’s international prestige, safeguarding and promoting national cultural value, addressing social problems and environmental problems, reforming operation of trade union organizations, and well managing the operations of employees’ organizations./.


Source: VOV