Panasonic Vietnam was 2nd time awarded The national Environment award 2017

22:15 | 05/06/2017 Environment

Panasonic Vietnam is honored to receive the National Environment Award 2017 presented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) for its outstanding efforts and achievements of environmental protection.  

panasonic vietnam was 2nd time awarded the national environment award 2017
Representative of Panasonic receives the National Environment Award 2017

During more than 10 years of operation in Vietnam, it is the second time that Panasonic’s practical contributions to environmental education for young generation, environmental protection with the community and production of eco-friendly products have been recognized by the government and society.

Among them is a series of eco learning program conducted by Panasonic Vietnam since 2011 for over 13,000 students in the cooperation with the MONRE, UNESCO, WWF and hundreds of schools nationwide.

Especially, through the Panasonic’s annual planting tree program “For a Green Vietnam”, together with local community, Panasonic employees have planted more than 70,000 trees in 4 provinces contributing to sustainable green change, improving quality of life, protecting health and environment for the community.

Mr. Masahiro Yamamoto, Director of Corporate Planning and Brand Promotion, Panasonic Vietnam said: “In the year 2016, many serious environmental problems in manufacturing enterprises were the center of attention of the government and people. With high awareness of our own responsibilities, since starting business in Vietnam, Panasonic has set environmental protection and sustainable green development as the focus of our business. Then, we have constantly improved our technology to make efficient use of materials, save energy and create eco-friendly products. At the same time, Panasonic employees are trained to become active nucleus in the environmental education and communication activities in the community through Eco Relay, Eco Learning, Earth Hour programs and so on.

panasonic vietnam was 2nd time awarded the national environment award 2017
Eco learning class for 100 students of Le Quang Cuong secondary school in Ba Ria city on International Environment Day 2017

In the framework of National activities towards the Internal Environment Day 2017, along with the award ceremony, Panasonic Vietnam held an Eco learning program for 100 students at Le Quang Cuong secondary school, Ba Ria city.

The award is presented every 02 years to encourage environmental movements, contribute to the sustainable economic and social development and honor the typical portraits in terms of environmental protection. Panasonic Vietnam is one of the two foreign investment companies receiving the award this year.