Panasonic Vietnam unveils new SKY and AERO SERIES inspired by nature

14:00 | 04/04/2017 Information Technology

Inspired by the constantly comfortable cooling inside natural caves and fresh air in the nature, Panasonic Vietnam unveils the new premium inverter SKY series and the new inverter AERO series.

Located at the top, the new skywing in perfect combination with Radiant Cooling enables SKY series to naturally spread cool air throughout the room. Inheriting SKY SERIES’s features, the AERO series is integrated with Shower Cooling to better direct cool air, avoiding the breeze to directly contact the body. Thereby, the obsession of overcooling no longer exists, which is extremely helpful to human health.

In addition to the ability of spreading cool air evenly across the room, the two latest air conditioners also features an extra-fast cooling, 35% faster compared to non-inverter standard air conditioners with the aid of Panasonic’s P-TECh technology.

Apart from the desire to bring a naturally cool summer to consumers with breeze direction technology, Panasonic is aimed at offering consumers a fresh and healthy summer as well. All of Panasonic’s 2017 air conditioner line-ups are integrated with nanoe-G technology. Panasonic’s nanoe-G efficiency is as high as 99% in terms of airborne particle removal, adhesives micro-organism deactivation and deactivation in the filter or even deactivation of particles as small as PM2.5.

Panasonic’s SKY series and AERO series are currently available in the market to serve consumers with naturally fresh air in the coming hot summer.

With a view to offering consumers more chances to experience and understand latest air conditioners, Panasonic is conducting a mass marketing plan at shopping centers, and supermarkets of key big cities and provinces.

Panasonic committed to effort ceaselessly to improve the quality of products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers. We hope that with the innovation, customers will continue to support and accompany with Panasonic.