Panasonic to expand its presence in VN

11:18 | 20/09/2015 Companies

(VEN) - Currently, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing production bases for supporting industries, especially in terms of electronics. Vietnam’s supporting industries are steadily growing with electrical and electronics industry being one of the prominent industries promoted by the government. Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong talked with Lenz Tchong, Assistant General Manager, Factory Automation Group (FAG), Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd, about this issue and their strategy in Vietnam.

Panasonic to expand its presence in VN

What is your assessment of the existing business trend of electronics manufacturing in Vietnam?

Vietnam is having the significant growth of electronics manufacturing base at the accelerated speed for recent years. In terms of the sectors that contribute to the growth will be mobile industry, document related equipment, followed by HA products. Since 2012, there has been a huge surge in terms of new company setup either maker of EMS here. This momentum is empowered even at this moment with a high influx of new setup or migration of factories from other regions, especially from China.

We can see the Vietnamese government’s untiring efforts to attract more foreign companies to directly invest in Vietnam through upgrading the infrastructure by building new airports, strategic highways, and new seaports. A stable political environment and an ample of workforce with competitive labor costs could make Vietnam more attractive to investors compared with neighboring countries in ASEAN.

How does Panasonic FAG enjoy the pie of this growing manufacturing market in Vietnam?

Panasonic FAG was established in 2006 as a pision of Panasonic Vietnam with the mission to contribute to the growth of the electronics manufacturing industry in Vietnam. We are definitely keen to expand its presence in Vietnam. There is the need for electronic manufacturers in Vietnam to enhance more substantial technology and investment. From our point of view, it is critical to have supporting industries such as the electronics component industry in order for electronics manufacturing to flourish in Vietnam.

With deep engagement to promote its long-term business in Vietnam, FAG not only brings customers desired solutions and seamless service support, we are always at frontline contact to share the latest technology for relevant manufacturing process. With experienced service members, well upgraded facilities and a strong global support network, FAG expects to become a leading manufacturing solutions provider in Vietnam.

What types of new solutions or approaches will Panasonic FAG provide to contribute to the growth of the manufacturing industry in Vietnam?

With its “Customer first” policy, FAG is always willing to make changes to meet customer needs. With its new Business Innovation Center established this July, instead of offering partial equipment solutions, FAG will take the lead and expand the support scope wider towards the entire manufacturing process of the company. Our customers will see more aggressive solutions aiming to bring them a few steps ahead towards industry 4.0 standards. FAG will gradually introduce relevant solutions to our customers.

What strategy or products will FAG introduce at this forthcoming NEPCON 2015?

Looking towards smart manufacturing solutions, FAG will take this opportunity to demonstrate important elements of innovative software system integrated into technologies, from high productivity and quality printers, next production modular and versatile mounts, integrated software applications and various solution items. We sincerely hope that the Vietnamese electronics manufacturing sector will gain insight into Panasonic’s smart manufacturing solutions.


Nguyen Huong