Panasonic honored for most energy efficient products

14:45 | 25/12/2020 Companies

On December 22, Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd., among Panasonic Vietnam Group companies in Vietnam, received the award of Most Energy Efficient Products 2020, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with a number of energy-saving and environment-friendly household electronic products.  

panasonic honored for most energy efficient products

The award is a testament to Panasonic's efforts over the years in technology development and product innovation towards saving and environmental friendliness

Mr. Yasushi Kondo, Deputy General Director of Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd., proudly revealed, “Panasonic Corporation has set an environmental vision to 2050 as a long-term strategy for sustainable environmental management, towards the goal where energy creation exceeds energy consumption. Therefore, we are constantly developing technologies and improving products to raise electricity savings, increase consumers’ benefits, besides other activities to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, enhance the recycling of raw materials and the efficient use of resources, and reduce the impact of chemicals in our production. ”

In parallel with the development orientation of “green” and energy-saving products within the above mentioned Panasonic’s environmental vision, in 2020, Panasonic announced its new business value proposition, welcoming the 50th anniversary of Panasonic's official operation in Vietnam (1971-2021) by officially changing from Consumer Electronic Company to Wellness Solutions Providing Company, pioneering in providing human-oriented technology trends with the mission "Passion for your health and comfort", while at the same time proposing solutions to urgent social problems in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Over the years, Panasonic Vietnam has always strived to realize the basic business philosophy of "contribute to society" built by the Founder, not only by gradually expanding production and business activities in Vietnam, but also by pioneering in social responsibility activities focusing on education and environment, which are considered by Panasonic as the two key areas contributing to the country's sustainable development. Typically, in the annual tree planting program "Panasonic for a green Vietnam" in collaboration with the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communications under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, nearly 140,000 trees have been planted and nutured in period of 2014-2020; 50,000 old batteries have been collected and exchanged for free Panasonic eco-batteries nationwide, and 20,000 non-toxic Panasonic eco batteries are delivered for free to the people; waste collection in some coastal areas and environmental classes for local students not only support for local economic development but also help raise people’s environmental awareness on reducing plastic waste and promote sustainable living. Panasonic also pays great attention to education with many annual projects, including the Panasonic Risupia Vietnam, the only facilities in the world outside Japan, invested by Panasonic in Vietnam during the past 10 years on non-profit base.

Most Energy Efficient Products 2020 Award is organized for the first time by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to honor leading enterprises manufacturing energy saving products with higher efficiency, helping create market shift and gradually eliminating low-performance and energy-consuming products, promoting the trend of consuming green and energy-saving products.

All registered Panasonic products for this award have the highest energy efficiency level (level 5), not only meeting but also exceeding current Vietnam standards. Among them, the award-winning washing machine models NA-FD95X1, NA-FD85X1, NA-FD11AR1, NA-S106G1 have 3-4 times higher energy efficiency than standard level, and will be labeled Most Energy Efficient Products 2020 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.