Panasonic and “Video door-phone” system

17:44 | 18/09/2017 Information Technology

16 September 2017, Hanoi, a seminar “Architecture for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired – Inclusive Architecture and Technical Solutions for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired” sponsored by Panasonic Vietnam is organized at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam.

Guests experience “Video door-phone” system of Panasonic

At the seminar, Panasonic introduces an outstanding solution for deaf and hearing-impaired which is the “Video door-phone” system. It is a great convenience in modern life integrating security camera, doorbell with indoor monitoring system, helping family members and the deaf easily identify, communicate and open door automatically to the guests from indoor monitor. In addition to facilitating communication, this is also a solution to mitigate potential security risks and protect the house 24/24.

Panasonic also supports the project by providing content, images and technical specifications of the solution for sharing information on the platforms of Hoanhapxahoi project, opening up a new approach for the community.

Mr. Masaaki Kobayashi, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam said: “Panasonic is not only known as a leading Japanese manufacture of consumer electronics, but also pioneer in providing B2B total solution such as security system, door phone, commercial air conditioner, cold chain, lights and switches, etc. to develop residential, urban areas, commercial complexes or communities and ensure a modern, comfortable and safety lifestyle to everybody. We expect to introduce Panasonic B2B solutions more widely in Vietnam.”

The “Panasonic One-stop-solution” model has been displayed at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam since August 2017 and drew much attention from business, developers, architects, constructors, organizations and individuals.

In parallel with the manufacturing and business activities, Panasonic always appreciate corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities around the world. In Vietnam, apart from establishing Panasonic Risupia Vietnam with free admission and welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors, Panasonic also develops Panasonic scholarship program to wing up Vietnamese students’ dreams, the 100,000 solar lantern project to support remote community, the annual tree planting “For a Green Vietnam” activity, Kids Witness News program, etc.