Overseas Vietnamese help promote exports

08:01 | 18/12/2013 Trade

(VEN) - Chairman of the Association of Overseas Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Canada Pham Van Thanh said that overseas Vietnamese play an important role in promoting Vietnamese goods abroad.

Overseas Vietnamese can help Vietnam’s economy rapidly develop


Pham Van Thanh said that in addition to production, quality control and research departments, most businesses have marketing departments. However, most of them lack marketing departments abroad to promote exports. The development of the marketing department abroad is not only expensive but also requires marketers to understand the host country. Therefore, exporting Vietnamese goods remains difficult.

To overcome these difficulties, Vietnamese businesses can take advantage of overseas Vietnamese. They are considered as an engine for the domestic business community to promote the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign abroad and boost exports to the world market. In particular, Vietnamese customers abroad are interested in made-in-Vietnam goods. According to statistics, over four million Vietnamese are living and working in 100 foreign countries and territories. The proportion of overseas Vietnamese compared to the population is quite high, contributing to bringing favorable conditions for Vietnam’s economy. China’s economy through the support of overseas Chinese has rapidly developed. Therefore, overseas Vietnamese are considered a bridge to promote exports.

 To effectively promote exports, associations of overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs were established in the UK, Canada and the Czech Republic. The establishment of these associations has contributed to promoting cooperation and exchanging information between entrepreneurs, domestic and foreign associations.

Overseas Vietnamese Business Association Deputy Chairman and General Secretary Bui Dinh Dinh said that the association was ready to introduce Vietnamese goods to Vietnamese businesses abroad and provide information to domestic businesses. The association’s 300 members with extensive networks will try their best to accomplish this task.

Efficient utilization

In terms of domestic businesses, according to recommendations, production facilities needed to classify goods into specific groups such as seafood, garment and textile and furniture groups. The organization of workshops and meetings to exchange information will be easier when goods are classified into specific groups. For example, when domestic businesses organize a seminar on Vietnamese furniture, all businesses and entrepreneurs in the furniture group from Russia, France, the US, the UK and Japan can exchange information in terms of products, prices and trade barriers. Pham Van Thanh said that overseas Vietnamese keeping marketing role in these seminars and workshops need to better understand products. Seminars and workshops will play an important role in promoting exports.

According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Thanh Son, even with strong support from overseas Vietnamese communities in foreign countries, to retain stable exports, domestic businesses needed to adopt a long-term business strategy, provide high quality goods to foreign markets and ensure enough human resources. In 2018, when tariffs are reduced due to World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments, domestic businesses can effectively utilize advantages to promote exports to foreign markets./.

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