Over 1,600 pupils to improve water awareness

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(VEN) – Suntory Holdings Limited (SHD) Japan and PepsiCo Vietnam (SPVB) in collaboration with project partners and piloted schools reviews the implementation of water education program “Mizuiku – I love clean water” in 2015. The project has been successfully piloted in six primary schools in two Hanoi’s districts of My Duc and Thanh Oai with remarkable achievements.

Over 1,600 pupils to improve water awareness

Pupils at Xuy Xa Primary School build a rest room with environment-friendly model

Project outstanding outcome is that it enables over 1,600 elementary pupils to improve their awareness on water saving, protecting and preservation. Such an outcome is highly appraised by participating teachers.

Ms. Le Thi Chinh, teacher at Le Thanh B Primary School, My Duc district commented: “We have observed visible improvements in pupils’ awareness such as they know to cherish water and keep their school rest room clean all day. We are also impressed by the project creative hands-on education model of “learning through playing”. These perse and fresh activities motivate pupils to learn and actively participate in teaching classes. Our teachers are also inspired by and learn much from Mizuiku pedagogy.”

Pupils at Thanh Mai Primary School create posters on water savings and environment protection

In 2015, Mizuiku has efficiently organized 60 water teaching classes with the participation of over 1,600 pupils throughout 120 indoor and outdoor lessons. Apart from teaching classes, the project offers pupils a wide range of practical outdoor activities like 06 Festivals of Clean Water Protector, 12 factory tours to SPVB’s plant in Bac Ninh for 600 best pupils, hundreds of works for Writing Contest, Drawing Contest, School Newspaper and 1,500 Dairy Water accompanying pupils during summer holiday.

Having participated the project ever since its launch in March 2015, Do Minh Phu, pupil at Grade 4A, Do Dong Primary School, Thanh Oai district said: “Previously I just know the existence of fresh water for drinking and salty water from the sea. Now I understand more about water resources in the nature and water can be exhausted. We need to save and protect water resources to have clean water for good health.”

Pupils classify organic and inorganic garbage 

In addition to teaching classes, Mizuiku 2015 also surveyed and deployed the renovation of school infrastructures, school rest rooms: Donating 04 RO water purification systems, building 02 rest rooms with high-quality and modern materials, renovating 04 rest rooms in accordance with environment-friendly model. These donations were finished during the summer of 2015 so that teachers and pupils at piloted schools are provided with certified clean drinking water prior to the beginning of school year 2015 – 2016.

In light of its practicality and positive impacts, the project was encouraged to expand scale by local authorities. Mr. Pham Trung Anh, Deputy Manager of Thanh Oai Department of Education and Training commented: “Clean water is an issue that has not been completely solved in our locality. I believe that after participating Mizuiku, pupils’ and teachers’ awareness has been substantially improved, resulting in their environment-protecting actions. The project has well performed its sustainable goal – improving pupils’ water awareness and short-term goal – ensuring clean drinking water for pupils. I hope that the project will be deployed on a large scale because it will generate long-term benefits to future generations.”

Pupils eagerly speak in a class of the project “Mizuiku – I love clean water”

Regarding project efficiency in 2015, Mr. Takenobu Shiina, Senior general manager, Planning Department, Corporate Communication Division of Suntory Holdings Limited reviewed: “We are happy about encouraging outcomes of “Mizuiku – I love clean water” in 2015. These fruitful piloting outcomes serve as a premise for us to expand project scale in upcoming time. We planned to expand Mizuiku to primary schools in the south of Vietnam in 2016, which is not only beneficial to local communities but also a manifestation of our corporate responsibility as an enterprise heavily relying on natural water resources”.

Mizuiku is a water education program that has been successfully deployed in Japan since 2004 by Suntory Group with the participation of over 100.000 pupils and parents in Japan.

Vietnam is the first country other than Japan having this project developed. The project is funded by Suntory Holdings Limited (SHD) Japan and deployed by Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage (SPVB) in coordination with local authorities, piloted schools and Live and Learn.


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