Over 100 rural industrial products honored

08:42 | 25/10/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Over 100 outstanding rural industrial products were honored at an event held in Hanoi on September 18, with organizers noting that the selected products were now more diversified and improved in quality than was previously the case.

over 100 rural industrial products honored
The quality of outstanding rural industrial products has increased considerably

110 products honored

At a press conference announcing the selection of outstanding rural industrial products and the trade fair of outstanding rural industrial products 2019, Hoang Chinh Nghia, Deputy Head of the Agency for Regional Industry and Trade under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said the number of registered products for selection this year increased by 32.16 percent, equivalent to 55 products compared to the previous event held in 2017.

The organizing board received 226 valid product files from provinces and cities nationwide, of which the northern region registered 57 products, the central region and Central Highlands registered 69 products, and 100 products were from the southern region. The products were classified into four groups: handicrafts (42 products); agricultural, forestry, fishery processed and food products (115 products); equipment, machines, tools and mechanical spare parts (34 products); and 35 other products.

The Selection Council voted for 110 products and sets of products to be recognized and honored at the event.

Truong Huong Lan, a member of the jury board said the selected products have shown significant improvement in both quality and quantity. Many enterprises have applied modern equipment and new standards like ISO in production, which helped increase the competitiveness and values of rural industrial products.

Bonuses and promotion

The organizing board revealed that all participating businesses are private enterprises. They were granted outstanding rural industrial product certificates, received cash bonus and were also allowed to print or stick the logo of the program on product packaging. They will also be eligible for support in trade promotion programs, legal consultation and having their product information posted on portals of local Departments of Industry and Trade. The selected products are encouraged to participate in domestic and international trade fairs and exhibitions.

Members of the jury also carried out surveys at enterprises and production facilities where they discovered promising enterprises for future support.

The ceremony honoring outstanding rural industrial products and the opening of the trade fair of outstanding rural

industrial products in 2019 were officially held on September 18 at Hanoi’s Thang Long Royal Citadel.

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