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Outbound tours: A favorite choice of Vietnamese tourists

10:21 | 23/08/2017 Society

(VEN) - The number of Vietnamese tourists choosing to travel abroad rather than traveling within Vietnam is growing due to highly competitive prices and attractive destinations on offer. Foreign tourism promotion offices have launched professional, eye-catching advertising to lure Vietnamese visitors and some travel agents say the sales volume of outbound tours recently exceeded that of domestic packages.

a favorite choice of vietnamese tourists
Tours to Chinese Taipei are among this summer’s top destinations

Effective advertising

Some travel agents, such as Vietravel, Saigontourist, Vietnam Tourism and Togo, are reporting that the number of tourists booking outbound tours increased significantly this summer. The most popular tours are to Chinese Taipei, Bali, Dubai and Bhutan, with competitive prices starting at VND10 million, and discounts to attract more tourists. Other favored destinations this summer include Japan, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong-China, Singapore and Malaysia are favorite choices in summer.

Many travel agents have achieved two-digit growth rates in outbound tour sales volume, spurred by foreign tourism promotion offices to enhance advertising in Vietnam. Recently, the Japan National Tourism Organization opened a representative office in Vietnam aiming to attract more Vietnamese tourists to this country. According to the organization’s data, within five years from 2012-2016, the number of Vietnamese tourists to Japan grew 300 percent and totaled 230,000 tourists at the end of last year.

Before Japan, Thailand, Singapore and the Republic of Korea had already established offices in Vietnam for the same purpose.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization, in 2016 some 251,000 Vietnamese tourists traveled to this country, which has set an annual target of more than 300,000 Vietnamese tourists. Thailand attracted more than 830,000 Vietnamese tourists last year.

Low transportation costs

Many tourists say that they choose outbound tours because prices of some domestic tours are similar. They cite the low airfares and reasonably priced accommodations and food as the reason for their choice.

A tour to Thailand, for example, is now equal in price to a package deal to the Vietnamese cities of Hue or Da Nang (about VND5-6 million). Costs of tours to some destinations, such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, Thailand or Cambodia are constantly getting cheaper while maintaining their quality.

Travel agents attribute the attractive package tour prices largely to highly competitive airfares. For example, while a roundtrip fare to Cambodia on Vietnam Airlines is priced at US$220, Cambodia Airlines offers the same flight for only US$110-120. In other words, while the airfare component accounts for one-third to half the cost of a tour if flying on Vietnam Airlines, this rate can be significantly lower.

Airlines within the region are increasingly opening routes from or to Vietnam for both business travelers and tourists. For example, six airlines now fly directly from Vietnam to Thailand offering fares of VND2-3 million per person, cheaper than a regular flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

Thanh Thanh