Organic production helps reduce agricultural material costs

15:00 | 16/06/2022 Society

Given the current high cost of production materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, and so on, organic production is the best option.

Organic production aligns with global trends

Farmers, particularly those cultivating, growing industrial crops and fruit trees, have faced difficulties as the price of agricultural materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, and so on has steadily increased with a popular increase of 15-30 percent, even up to 100 percent.

organic production helps reduce agricultural material costs
Dr. Pham S, Vice Chairman of the Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee, stated that Lac Duong is currently the leading district in Lam Dong province in the development of high-value and sustainable organic agriculture

According to the representative of Truong Phuc Farm Co., Ltd.'s experience, organic farming is the best way to solve the cost problem for farmers today. "Organic production will help farmers solve the problem of reducing costs, increasing profits and ensuring the supply of safe products for consumers," said the representative.

Many agricultural experts explained that organic production can save money by avoiding the use of herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, and biological stimulants. There are no harmful chemical residues, so people will not have to spend money on fertilizer materials.

Not to mention, organic farming is a global trend because agricultural product consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety and hygiene. As a result, they prefer and consume organic agricultural products. This will provide an opportunity for organic products to find "living land", and farmers must quickly adapt their production models to accommodate this process.

Specifically, Mr. Su Thanh Hoai, Chairman of the People's Committee of Lac Duong District (Lam Dong Province), said, “A recent market survey of Lac Duong District shows that consumers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and many other localities are willing to spend more money to use organic agricultural products and products processed from organic ingredients. Since then, Lac Duong has determined to follow the new orientation of organic agriculture, balancing between output and quality. We combine farmers with suppliers and distribute through a technology platform so that each organic product has a good output.”

organic production helps reduce agricultural material costs
Lac Duong District organic agricultural products are displayed at the OCOP product introduction center - Lac Duong

Removing impediments to the replication of organic production

It can be seen that the development of organic production is an effective solution in the current period, and many localities and businesses across the country have invested in it. However, the actual implementation faces numerous challenges. The Agricultural Extension Center of Lam Dong province recently shared the following information at the seminar "Organic Agriculture - Smart Agriculture": "This province is implementing the Project of Organic Agriculture Development in the period of 2020 - 2025, and after the first two years of implementation, more than 1,200 hectares have been certified for organic production.

Many comments explained why many households have not actively participated in the model, stating that the production of organic agricultural products still faces many challenges such as: market development, scale expansion production, price, product competitiveness... Not to mention that the organic production process must adhere to the golden rule of "5 nos." Farmers also find it difficult to put into practice due to the strict process. Furthermore, many organic agricultural products are currently only certified by Vietnam, rather than internationally, making it difficult for businesses to export.

Regarding the above issue, Dr. Pham S - Vice Chairman of Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee, said, “Determining organic agriculture is a global trend and the province will, through the Department of Agriculture, direct the local agricultural development, industry in general, and Arabica coffee in particular through supporting production, supporting the granting of organic certificates, etc. to farmers.

Accordingly, the agricultural area at the foot of Langbiang Mountain (Lac Duong District) has become the first area selected by Lam Dong Province to develop into an organic farming area. Compared to the end of 2020, the area of ​​agricultural products produced according to organic standards has increased 12 times.

organic production helps reduce agricultural material costs
Dr. Pham S, Vice Chairman of the Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee (right), presents Lac Duong District with the "Exclusive process of cultivating organic Arabica coffee in Langbiang Mountains"

Pham S, with the desire to replicate the low-cost organic production model to farmers, especially ethnic people, on June 15, 2022, he awarded "Exclusive process cultivating organic Arabica coffee in the Langbiang Mountains” for Lac Duong District. This is a personal scientific research work of Dr. Pham S, made for five years, has been registered for global copyright and for the first time has been granted to the collective the full right to use this trademark.

“I hope that if this project is replicated and implemented effectively, the Arabica coffee tree of the Langbiang region will be recognized as a global organic product. Affirming a new position for Vietnamese coffee products with world consumers, thereby easily accessing export markets with high standards like Europe,” added Dr. Pham S.

Diep Hien