Opportunity for trading with RoK enterprises

15:15 | 13/10/2021 Events

The Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) in Hanoi announced that an online trading event will be held from October 18-22, aiming to find partners to distribute Korean products in the Vietnamese market.

opportunity for trading with rok enterprises

Accordingly, Vietnamese enterprises will have the opportunity to register for free online business-to-business (B2B) meetings with 19 enterprises from Jeollanam-do Province of the Republic of Korea (RoK). These RoK enterprises will introduce their various products in different fields namely food (agricultural products, aquacultural products, etc.), cosmetics, industrial, and energy. Vietnamese enterprises will not only have the opportunity to find reputable RoK manufacturers/suppliers, but will also be actively supported to turn such opportunities into successful cooperation. All trade promotion activities supporting Vietnamese enterprises will be carried out with the budget of the RoK Government.

According to KOTRA Hanoi, Jeollanam-do is a province located in the south-western part of the RoK, leading the country with some marine products, especially oyster, abalone and seaweed cultivation. Its warm weather and abundant rainfall helps Jeollanam-do to produce large amounts of agricultural products, mainly rice, wheat, barley, pulses, and potatoes. Vegetables, cotton and fruit (strawberry, pineapple, etc.) are also widely grown in the province. Currently, Jeollanam-do is progressively applying science and technology to agriculture and has achieved very high economic efficiency in this field. The province has the highest percentage of recognized environmentally-friendly organic agricultural land in the RoK; also, it is the only province with certified environmentally-friendly marine products.

Moreover, the province’s products in other fields such as cosmetics, industry and energy are well-received in both developed and developing countries worldwide. With a goal of cooperation and innovative development, Jeollanam-do is one of many RoK provinces having representative offices all around the world, including Vietnam. Along with the development in RoK-Vietnamese trade, Jeollanam-do has been exporting numerous types of organic agricultural and aquacultural products to Vietnam, such as seaweed, mushrooms, abalone, and pear.

Hai Linh