Opportunities for honey exports

10:04 | 28/08/2015 Trade

(VEN) - The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Department of Livestock Production Deputy Director Nguyen Van Trong said that the honey production sector should urgently implement the overall restructuring project towards improving added value and ensuring sustainable development in order to make the most of opportunities and overcome difficulties if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement takes effect.

Opportunities for honey exports

Leading in the US

Vietnam exported more than 49,000 tonnes of honey for total revenues of US$120 million in 2014. The US was the main market with total volume of 47,009 tonnes. Thanks to its output, Vietnam ranked first among honey exporting countries to the US.

Nguyen Van Trong said that according to the US Department of Agriculture’s report on honey production, most potential members of the TPP have low competitiveness.

However to promote honey exports to the US, honey producers need to strictly control food safety and hygiene, especially antibiotic residues and pesticides in honey. In addition, honey producers have not yet developed a brand in the international market nor have they constructed industrial food production plants in order to replace natural pollen.

Promoting VietGAHP application

To make the most of opportunities and to ensure favorable honey exports to the US and other countries, the application of VietGAHP standard and quality control and traceability systems are necessary. The traceability system is attracting the interest of many countries and is a leading solution to enhance quality, ensure food safety and improve product competitiveness. To achieve success in the application of the traceability system, close coordination between businesses and state management agencies is needed.

Strengthening links between the state, researchers, honey producers and businesses via public-private partnership investments is seen as a key solution to ensure sustainable development for the honey production sector. In particular, it needs a consensus and close coordination between honey production and farming to create a sustainable ecosystem.

According to the Vietnam Beekeepers Association’s statistics, the country has more than 34,000 honey producers with over 1.5 million domestic and imported bees. The honey production sector is strongly developing in mountainous and midland regions, contributing to creating jobs and increasing income for thousands of honey producers.


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