Opportunities for handicrafts to reach int’l level

15:21 | 02/01/2016 Trade

(VEN) - The Ambiente Frankfurt Fair, one of the world’s longest running and most famous trade fairs, has been held for over a century every year providing an ideal showcase for thousands of companies worldwide in consumer goods, household appliances and handicrafts. The fair remains to be an attractive destination for Vietnamese businesses to exchange and access the global market.

Opportunities for handicrafts to reach int’l level

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition

According to the organizers, the Ambiente Frankfurt is scheduled to take place from February 12-16, 2016 hosting about 60 Vietnamese businesses including Minh Long, Anco and Duc Thanh which have participated in the fair for 20 years.

Ambiente Frankfurt is the largest trade fair in the world and is one of the most effective fairs for the handicraft and household appliance sectors. This specialist fair attracts a large number of commercial clients worldwide.

Ambiente is the venue of not only new consumer goods but also well-known events, promotion programs and awards ceremonies. Ambiente 2015 attracted almost 60,000 commercial clients globally.

As for many Vietnamese handicraft producers and exporters, Ambiente is always included in their must-join international trade fairs. Ten Vietnamese businesses took part in Ambiente 2015 under a project organized by the Industry Promotion and Industry Development Consultant Center 1 in order to make it possible for rural industrial facilities to participate in Ambiente Frankfurt.

According to statistics, more than 800 clients carried out inpidual transactions at Vietnamese booths during last year’s fair. They all are professional clients and are interested in Vietnamese handicrafts.

Vietnamese businesses concluded 131 contracts valued at around US$200,000 at the fair. They expect to continue promoting relations and become long-term partners contributing to increasing Vietnamese handicraft and household goods export revenues.

Regular participation at Ambiente Frankfurt will offer opportunities for rural industrial facilities to maintain relations with existing clients, find foreign new clients, further integrate into target markets and keep abreast of market trends in order to adjust their production and sales strategies. This will also encourage businesses to create new designs, boost production and exports, and carve a niche for Vietnamese handicrafts in the global market.

Ambiente Frankfurt 2016 is expected to host 5,000 exhibitors from 120 countries. Booths will cover a total of 578,000sq.m.


Nguyen Huong

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