Online services for food orders develop

15:20 | 13/06/2015 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Online services for food orders have strongly developed. These services have become more diverse when food safety and hygiene and delivery issues have significantly improved.

Online services for food orders develop

Consumers are increasingly turning to online services for sushi, fried chicken, pizza, drinks and desserts.

The Vietnamese market has witnessed the participation of numerous businesses in online services for food orders from small companies to big foreign groups. One of the notable names in this field is Mai Ka, a small restaurant which offers late night food deliveries. Thanks to a varied menu, Mai Ka has attracted a large number of customers in Ho Chi Minh City. Another notable website is, which offers dinner time deliveries.

Foodpanda, which is wide-known via the website, has appeared on the Vietnamese market since 2012 and rapidly expanded their services in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Can Tho, Nha Trang and Da Nang. More than 1,000 restaurants throughout the country have to date participated in Foodpanda. Foodpanda signed an exclusive contract in terms of online services for food orders with KFC Vietnam in February 2014, and then with Jollibee in April 2014. They also signed contracts with Burger King in December 2014 and BBQ Chicken in early 2015.

According to Foodpanda, the last-mile delivery model has been an important part of Foodpanda activities since its establishment. The group has made their presence in 40 countries across the five continents and is a leading service provider in 32 markets such as India and Russia. The group is also focusing on emerging markets.

Foodpanda Group Co-Founder and CEO Ralf Wenzel said that the group received additional US$100 million by Germany’s Goldman Sachs and several investors in early May 2015. Together with the last funding of US$110 million, the group has raised more than US$310 million since its establishment in 2012, enabling Foodpanda to develop the leading brand in emerging markets.

Together with the development of e-commerce, online services for food orders will increasingly develop and is an appropriate choice for consumers. This field promises to be a potential market for companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises./.

By Ngoc Thuy