Old village turns into tourist attraction

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(VEN) - It took us more than 15 minutes from Phu Tho Province’s Viet Tri City to Hung Lo Commune’s Hung Lo Village, one of the province’s key tourist destinations.

Old village turns into tourist attraction

Visitors to an old house in Hung Lo

Old traditions retained

The old village of Hung Lo appeared with concreted houses and some other items under construction interlacing with century-old houses. The village has a long history of development and is well known for the 300-year-old Hung Lo Communal House and traditional vermicelli and noodle production.

Despite a long and eventful history, the site has preserved its architectural and cultural value including an historic temple, parts of the house, steeples, Buddhist worshiping area, Shennong altar, Van Chi and Yean Lao areas. Visitors may be surprised at artful wooden sculptures which were created by skilled artisans in the Later Le Dynasty.

Hung Lo Village has preserved nearly 50 100-200-year-old houses featuring wooden or bamboo sculptures of pine, bamboo, chrysanthemum, ochna integerrima, dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix, where three or four generations of villagers are living.

Promoting local tourism

Visitors can enjoy Xoan songs at the Hung Lo Communal House site performed by local artists.

According to Nguyen Phuong from the Phu Tho Tourism Promotion Information Center, Hung Lo villagers have eagerly participated in local homestay tourism development activities including upgrading houses, purchasing new home appliances and improving local hygiene conditions. “Homestay tourism awareness has been raised among locals. This form of tourism suits those who love exploring, especially foreign tourists, and Hung Lo’s authorities should focus on developing this,” she said.

To effectively and sustainably develop homestay tourism in Hung Lo, Phu Tho authorities should select sites for tourism development based on a consideration of local ecological, natural, cultural and historical conditions and tourism safety and invest in tourism infrastructure development at selected sites, while focusing on developing tourism human resources, launching tourism promotion campaigns and raising local people’s awareness of tourism development.

Hung Lo Commune’s Hung Lo Village which was once named Trang Kha Lam and located in the capital of the historic Vietnamese state based around Van Lang. Over time, it has adopted several different names including Xom and An Lao. Since the successful 1945 Revolution, it has adopted the name Hung Lo. The village has been noted for great cultural, architectural and historical values and preservation of traditional living spaces. 


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