OIC New helps e-commerce operations of Vietnamese startups

14:00 | 11/01/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Despite the wide popularity of e-commerce with both businesses and consumers, more than 70 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam have not yet deployed online channels for their operations, especially for international e-commerce activities.

oic new helps e commerce operations of vietnamese startups

Opportunities to access e-commerce floors

According to the Vietnam e-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), Vietnam’s B2C e-commerce revenue, including all commodities and services traded has increased over the past five years, with average online shopping spending rising from US$160 in 2015 to US$225 per person in 2019.

Many SMEs offer quality products but do not know how to brand themselves, being accustomed to outsourcing for others or to seeking customers at international trade fairs. They are not interested in e-commerce or do not know how to go about it.

At a November 27 seminar on promoting innovative startups and digital transformation on e-commerce platforms, held within the framework of Techfest Vietnam 2020, Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company (OIC New) was one of six firms to sign cooperation deals with Procom Vietnam Joint Stock Company (iExport), which helps Vietnamese SMEs export on e-commerce platforms.

“Many business owners know about international e-commerce but do not have experience and do not know how to do it, so as they move on, they will face difficulties, leading to ineffective implementation and gradually, they will think that e-commerce is ineffective and give up on it,” explained iExport CEO Trinh Hoang Linh.

With 10 years of experience in the field of technology-based export promotion and e-commerce, iExport's team has helped many businesses take advantage of technology platforms on their export journeys, Linh added.

Treatment of blood pressure, liver disease

Established in 2009, OIC New specializes in researching, transferring, receiving and applying nano technology in agriculture, the environment, industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

The company currently holds patents on six products: 1) Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC for the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcer symptoms; 2) Nano Silymarin OIC for the treatment of liver disease; 3) Nano Rutin OIC, supporting the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, blood pressure, stroke prevention; 4) Nano Ginkgo Biloba OIC for the treatment of cerebral circulatory insufficiency; 5) Nano Resveratrol OIC to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels; 6) Nano Megumi OIC for reducing blood sugar and risks of cardiovascular complications caused by diabetes. The memorandum of understanding between OIC New and iExport will provide customers with new service quality experience through online shopping, online payment, updated promotion programs and other support. In addition, OIC New is currently trading Nano OIC products on Alibaba, ECVN, and more.

OIC New plans to enhance digital transformation of its business activities and international market promotion by accessing e-commerce floors, driven by the motto of “bringing Vietnamese wisdom to the world”. With rapid development of the world’s nanotechnology and the determination of the Vietnamese government regarding investment in high technology, OIC New strives to raise its nano product revenue to about US$1 billion a year by 2025.

According to a representative of iExport, eligible startups, enterprises or export businesses with suitable products and services for e-commerce platforms, seeking to expand exports to international markets can contact: Hotline: 0909 346 247 (Ms. Diem); Email: support@iexport.vn; Website: https:// iexport.vn/

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