Ocialis unveils the new brand identity

16:44 | 11/06/2020 Companies

(VEN) - ADM (NYSE: ADM) Animal Nutrition’s aquaculture brand, Ocialis, launched a new brand identity this month as part of its long-term strategy to strengthen its industrial and commercial footprint, in addition to consolidating its position as a leading aquaculture player in the Asia Pacific region. The move also reflects the company’s investment in developing Ocialis as a global provider of aquaculture solutions.   

“The new logo reflects the brand’s evolution, as well as our vision, mission, and core values. In addition, we have given ourpackaging a new look to reflect the brand’s strong development, high quality products and customer focus,” said Pierre Domps, Marketing and Commercial Development Director for ADM Animal Nutrition in Asia.

Since it was first introduced in 2003 in Vietnam, Ocialis has been trusted by local aquaculture farmers as the go-to brand for high-quality aquaculture nutrition. For nearly two decades, Ocialis has strived to meet global standards, reaching customers across the Asia Pacific, including Indonesia, the Philippines and more recently, China.

ocialis unveils the new brand identity

In recent years, Ocialis has invested in innovations such as Biosipec, aninnovative and intensive shrimp farming model; Nanolis, a feed dedicated to nursery stage; an application with a chatbot function to offer-real time technical support to aquaculture farmers; a mobile lab to support aquaculture farmers with water quality analysis, farm evaluation, and technical farming advice; and BAP certifications at some of its feed mills to enable Ocialis customers to export their products all over the world, as well as to the U.S. market.

Marc Campet, Aquaculture Manager for ADM Animal Nutrition in Asia said, “The brand refresh reflects our commitment for Ocialis to be the leading partner for aquaculture nutrition customers by delivering high performing, safe and profitable solutions for all species, which are adapted to local requirements. What makes us unique in the market is that we can leverage numerous synergies in R&D and innovation across ADM’s Animal Nutrition portfolio worldwide, including Epicore, a well-known producer of probiotics for the global shrimp market; Pancosma, a global provider of innovative animal feed additives and concepts; Wisium, a global leader in the premix industry; and Bernaqua, one of the top providers of hatchery feeds.”

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