Nuclear power projects need careful preparation

08:41 | 05/09/2015 Industry

(VEN) - In a talk with Vietnam Economic News’ Quynh Nga, Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety Director Vuong Huu Tan said, “Nuclear power projects are major projects and have specific safety requirements. Therefore, projects lagging behind schedule occur in most countries and careful preparation for the construction is necessary.”

Nuclear power projects need careful preparation

As an agency for radiation and nuclear safety, how do you evaluate the safety of Vietnamese nuclear power projects?

Nuclear safety is a general concept for the whole world and Vietnam must meet these general standards. Resolution 41/2009/NQ-QH12 states that nuclear power projects must ensure the safety at the highest level in an economic manner.

The Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is responsible for the safety of nuclear power projects from selecting location, design and technology to constructing the plant and installing, operating and maintaining machinery and equipment. The most important thing is human resource training for management. Therefore, the EVN and state management agencies have organized many programs to train human resources and send staff abroad to learn about experience, especially in Russia and Japan. In addition, international consultancy for evaluation is needed.

The nuclear regulatory agency is also responsible for the safety. This agency must devise the system of legal documents and evaluation regulations and grant permits such as location, construction, operation, storage of radioactive waste and transport for nuclear power projects. According to regulations, the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety is the regulatory agency. In particular, after the National Assembly adopted the Law on Atomic Energy in 2008, decrees guiding the implementation and relevant circulars were issued. We are evaluating and approving the location and investment project at the current period and urgently improving the system of legal documents for the next stage.

Could you tell us about plans to respond to radioactive security incidents?

The Ministry of Science and Technology is drafting a plan to cope with radiation and nuclear problems at a national level. A plan is expected to be submitted to the prime minister for approval this year. In addition, according to the Law on Atomic Energy, the Ministry of Defense is also developing a project to respond to radiation and nuclear incidents. Ninh Thuan Province has asked the provincial department of science and technology to prepare a responsive plan at a local level.

After the Fukushima disaster, many countries have stopped the construction of nuclear power plants. What is your view about the future of nuclear power?

Nuclear power remains a developing trend in the world and is a selection in many major countries such as the US, France, the UK and China. And nuclear power is a major policy of Vietnam and we have made a long preparation for its policy based on the country’s energy needs and the overall situation of nuclear power in countries. The National Assembly passed Resolution 41/2009/NQ-QH12 dated November 25, 2009 on promoting investment in the Ninh Thuan nuclear power projects.

The prime minister has concretized the deployment of the Ninh Thuan nuclear power projects into component projects and has assigned ministries, departments and Ninh Thuan Province to implement them. The EVN has basically completed the study for site selection and conducted the feasibility studies of the two nuclear power projects in Ninh Thuan to submit to administration agencies for consideration and to the prime minister for approval.


Quynh Nga