NTW Vietnam, on-time speedy response to electronic industry

16:33 | 12/09/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Despite being an “on-site trading company” that has been newly established in Vietnam, NTW Vietnam has gradually affirmed its position and built prestige with customers. NTW Vietnam General Director Shimaguchi Yutaka told Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong about the company’s operation as well as plans for the upcoming 2017 NEPCON exhibition in Hanoi.  

ntw vietnam on time speedy response to electronic industry
NTW Vietnam General Director Shimaguchi Yutaka

Could you short brief about NTW Vietnam Co., Ltd? What is your targeted customer, the proportion of product line, and the growth ratio of markets?

Located in the northern province of Bac Ninh, NTW Vietnam was established in 2015. Our company’s line of business includes distribution of electrical apparatuses and equipment wiring supplies. Our group, NTW Inc., used to focus on partner manufacturers in China. However, we already started to broaden our horizon to all other Asian manufacturers – to Shanghai, India, Vietnam, Korea, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. Some our wellknown and long-time customers include famous printer and musical instrument makers. Five criteria we would like to bring our customers are speedy response times, professionalism, unity, friendliness, and multi-language facility.

Currently, the Vietnam electronics industry is still young so there is huge potential. NTW Inc. promises to provide a wide range of electrical components to customers. After entering the Vietnamese market, NTW Vietnam has expanded our customer base.

What is your perspective on the ASEAN market in general and Vietnam in particular towards the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community? How do you feel about the opportunity for business connection among ASEAN countries in manufacturing development, especially in the electronics industry?

ASEAN is Vietnam’s third-largest market and third-largest supplier of goods. ASEAN is also an important source of FDI in Vietnam, with total registered capital rising by 116 percent in the 2006-2016 period to $64 billion, accounting for 18 percent of total FDI inflow. ASEAN is also the bridge for many investments from multinational companies located in the region. We cannot avoid global competition. Thus, I believe any company that wishes to succeed must have a rapid and thought-out response to global competition – and Vietnam is no exception.

Vietnam has attracted a huge number of FDI into electronic industry which requested high technology, precision and quality control. What solutions and technologies is NTW Vietnam offering?

With more manufacturing investment projects arriving in Vietnam, support industries and manufacturers need new machinery and technologies to upgrade their production lines. Our metrology solutions have enhanced our clients’ productivity and quality. We focus on being an “indispensable business category” for customers, as an interface between customer and manufacturer. We believe this enables us to provide beneficial support to the customer.

We intend to support the customer thoroughly, from getting factory certification to experimenting in the production and delivery of materials and quality management, with an appropriate plan that takes in customer’s intentions. Moreover, we are not just a co-ordinator recommending the cheapest product to customers. We are always an “on-site trading company”, considering from two points of view – the customer’s standpoint and manufacturer’s logic – with actual and timely on-site information.

What is your marketing plan over the next three years, including your participation in Nepcon Vietnam 2017, which takes place on September 13-15?

Our three-year plan is to grow our market share in the electronics sector, stablise our customer base, become a reputable provider, and ensure revenue and profit. Thus, Nepcon Vietnam 2017 is one of our tools to reach customers and create credibility and brand recognition. Our key products that will be shown include die and mould, Danpla plastic, rolls, and more.

Nguyen Huong