NS BlueScope Vietnam supports logistics enterprises through CEO forum

15:47 | 08/01/2021 Companies

NS BlueScope Vietnam recently organized “CEO Forum: Vietnam warehouse industry trend” to enhance the competitiveness of logistics enterprises in Vietnam against new market trends. The forum recorded the attendance of Vietnam Logistics Business Association and other leading logistics companies nationwide.  

At the forum, enterprises shared the current status-quo and future trends of the logistics warehouse industry in Vietnam, learned about the previous experience of logistics in other ASEAN countries, referred to the goods distribution centre model of FM Logistics, as well as introduced the safety system for logistics warehouses by NS BlueScope Vietnam, and attended a field trip around NS BlueScope Vietnam’s factory at Phu My Industrial Park.

In 2020, under the impact of the COVID-19 including social distancing and lockdown, logistics has grown tremendously alongside with the upsurge in the demand of home delivery. In 2021, the circulation of commodity from export, import merchandises to consumer goods and the development of e-commerce exchange will continue to be industry trends. In addition to transportation, warehouses are crucial infrastructure in the service supply chain, as the key trend is the growing expansion of logistics centers.

ns bluescope vietnam supports logistics enterprises through ceo forum
Mr. Le Duy Hiep, Chairman of Vietnam Logistic Business Association, identifies Vietnam warehouse industry trends in the future

“Previously, warehouses are in separately small scale, only to serve business purposes. The current trend is that enterprises cooperate or leaders in the industry invest in large scale warehouses integrating multiple functions to form Logistics Centre. The second trend is to improve administration through information technology and automation. The third trend is to apply green logistics, in other words renewable energy, in management and operation of logistics centers and warehouses”, shared by Mr. Le Duy Hiep, Chairman of Vietnam Logistics Business Association.

ns bluescope vietnam supports logistics enterprises through ceo forum
FM Logistic in Bac Ninh, Vietnam uses Lysaght Smartseam solution with Colorbond steel

The logistics market of Vietnam is at its basic development stage, however in the next few years, there will be a rapid development of modern and high-quality logistics centers. According to JLL, Vietnam logistics industry is seeing positive prospect as many investors are still interested in the field, regardless of the short-term impact of COVID-19. In the last 24 months only, nearly US$3 billion was invested in the warehouse system and modern logistics centers. In particular, durable and high-quality materials, materials for optimal fire protection and temperature inside warehouses, etc. are key elements.

“Investors and businesses used to not pay attention to the lifespan of logistics centers; however, when customers’ requirements are increasingly stricter, the basic infrastructure will not meet their needs. Therefore, investors will consider project lifespan and cost effectiveness of the logistics center to serve the supply chain, in which construction materials will be the focus to ensure the safety of goods”, commented Ms. Trang Bui, Head of Markets, JLL Vietnam.

ns bluescope vietnam supports logistics enterprises through ceo forum
Kerry Express in Thailand uses Colorbond steel

Currently, BlueScope Vietnam is an industry leader providing high quality steel solutions to meet the increasingly demanding needs of logistics providers in Vietnam and worldwide such as DHL, Kerry, Mapletree, BW, FM Logistics, Kizuna, etc. BlueScope's solutions are characterized with superior durability and quality, excellent roofing and walling and other innovative solutions that provide optimum efficiency for investors. On average recently, every five out of 10 projects provided by BlueScope belongs to logistics warehouses.

ns bluescope vietnam supports logistics enterprises through ceo forum
Mr. Vo Minh Nhut, Country President of NS BlueScope Vietnam, shares the technology behind Colorbond steel

Mr. Vo Minh Nhut, Country President of NS BlueScope Vietnam, said, “Construction materials and solutions are two important factors that determine the quality of logistics projects. Therefore, with a view to improve our product quality, we have spent more than 22 years of R&D and an investment of more than 100 million Australian dollars to develop Activate coating technology - a matrix of four-phase protection for the steel substrate integrated in premium Colorbond steel. We also improve the paint coatings to increase the dirt-staining resistance ability and optimize the thermal performance through Clean - the self-cleaning technology and Thermatech – the solar reflectance technology. We offer Lysaght solution with a synchronized designing and completely non – perforated roof connection. The roof system can move freely that helps to prevent the damage of connection between clip & cladding while the roof is expanded or contracted under thermal change. This kind of roofing solution is especially suitable for Vietnam climate, eliminating the leaking and limiting wind uplift. In addition, we also cooperate with strategic partners in design to ensure the aesthetics for modern and high-quality projects.”