Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company flying high

09:03 | 29/01/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Taking a brand new Bell 505 helicopter tour offered by the Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company (NVHC) is a good choice for visitors to admire picturesque landscapes in Vietnam and experience high-class services and the art of calm in the busy, stressful life.

northern vietnam helicopter company flying high
A Bell 505 helicopter tour over Ha Long Bay

Five-star, 15-minute Bell 505 helicopter tours offered by the Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company have become a deluxe choice for visitors.

The company is expected to offer Bell 505 helicopter tours over the famous northern Ha Long Bay in the northeastern coastal province of Quang Ninh in April 2019. With a high safety and low noise factors and a wide vision, brand new US-made four-seat Bell 505 helicopters can provide passengers with a special experience through bringing them to low heights for admiring landscapes below.

A Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company representative said two four-seat Bell 505 helicopters will always be available in Quang Ninh Province’s Tuan Chau Island to serve guests. With a cruising speed of 180km per hour, Bell 505 helicopters can take their passengers to a height of about 150m above earth or water surface, allowing them to admire picturesque landscapes below, including beaches, mountains, and forests, among others, in a special manner.

People who like machinery can take the opportunity to get close to and learn something about the brand new helicopters. Passengers can take photos with the captains, while the captains introduce them about equipment and devices in the cockpit. With their best knowledge, Bell 505 helicopter pilots will surely satisfy passenger visitors with safe and exciting tours.

It’s wonderful to have a helicopter tour with Bell 505 helicopters. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the wonderful Ha Long by Bell 505 helicopters with the Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company.

Hong Lua