Northern power firm sells nearly 33 billion kWh

09:39 | 18/07/2019 Industry

The Vietnam Electricity (EVN)’s Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) sold nearly 33 billion kWh of electricity during the January-June period, a year-on-year surge of 8.82 percent.

EVNNPC completes 160 out of 366 projects to upgrade medium- and low-voltage power grids - Photo: VNA

Of the total amount, 64.84 percent was purchased by the industrial sector, and the remainder acquired for daily life, up 8.22 percent and 9.21 percent, respectively, from the same time last year.

The corporation reported it completed 160 out of 366 projects to upgrade medium- and low-voltage power grids, making contributions to improving grid capacity and enhancing reliability of the power system.

Thirty 110KV projects have been put into operation, which means 926MVA have been added to the national grid. Besides, the company also installed 110.3 kilometres of 110kV transmission lines.

Power loss in the period was 5.15 percent, or 0.08 percent lower than the same time in 2018.

As of June, the firms put in solar panels with total designed capacity of 2,900 kWp for 287 customers, accounting for 58 percent of the plan assigned by the EVN.

In addition, the EVNNPC supplied medium-voltage power to 1,126 new customers. It took the firm an average 5.96 days to handle relevant procedures, down 0.31 day as stipulated.

In the second half of the year, the corporation will enhance measures to ensure safe and stable power supply for customers, with focus given to reducing power loss, accelerating construction of power work, and organising communication work on energy saving in summer.

Theo VNA