Northern Airports Authority improves aviation safety and security

10:33 | 21/10/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Managing seven airports in the northern country, the Northern Airports Authority (NAA) has been doing a good job in ensuring passenger and cargo security and safety.

northern airports authority improves aviation safety and security

Overcoming difficulties

The number of passengers and cargo quantity handled through northern airports have increased annually along with the rapid growth of the Vietnamese aviation industry. NAA overcame difficulties and challenges to ensure security and safety in northern airports, while its staff members accomplished their tasks. With these efforts, NAA has contributed greatly the Vietnamese aviation industry’s development and success.

Director of NAA Tran Hoai Phuong said after more than 10 years, NAA has only 153 staff members, and this small personnel is incommensurate with the aviation industry’s two-digit annual growth rate. Increases in the number of flights, air routes and airports, the round-the-clock operation, and the operation of more than 100 businesses in airports have all caused great pressure on and challenges for NAA, Mr. Phuong said.

Despite difficulties and challenges, NAA has been doing a good job in state management of civil aviation in northern airports, including inspection and supervision for ensuring aviation security and safety, especially activities serving special flights for the Communist Party and State leaders and Vietnam’s important foreign events such as the 14th Assembly of the Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI), North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit, 132th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU-132), and the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC 2017), among others.

From July 2017 to July 2019, NAA worked with relevant organizations to serve and ensure safety of 534 special flights. The number of passengers, take-offs and landings and cargo volume have increased yearly. In the first seven months of 2019, at the Noi Bai International Airport, the number of take-offs and landings reached 502 per day. Over the past three years, northern airports have experienced no serious problems (problems at level B), and the safety threat index per 10,000 flights has decreased yearly.

United effort

The above-mentioned achievements are attributed to NAA staff members’ and leadership’s united effort and high sense of responsibility as well as the authority’s inspection and supervision of the law on civil aviation implementation and propaganda. Annually, NAA offers technical training courses and holds political meetings through e-mails to disseminate legal documents, industrial processes and regulations among its employees.

The law propaganda is also regularly implemented through meetings attended by representatives from all state management agencies and enterprises operating in northern airports. Besides, the authority held workshops on dealing with administrative violations in the field of civil aviation. Law education through the mass media helps people and passengers better understand the industry’s regulations, contributing to minimizing aviation security and safety-related violations.

Besides, NAA works closely with airlines, relevant agencies and local authorities where airports are located to ensure security and safety in airports. Before every foreign event or festive activities and holidays come, NAA requests relevant organizations to prepare plans in order to best meet the travel needs of customers, ensure safety and security in airports and cope with problems if any.

NAA works well with state management agencies in northern airports, and regularly exchanges information and coordinates with professional units of the Ministry of Public Security, through which to prevent crime.

Minh Ky