Ninh Thuan Targets Socioeconomic Breakthroughs

09:04 | 25/12/2011 Economy- Society

(VEN) - A meeting was recently held to announce the Master Plan for Socioeconomic Development of Ninh Thuan Province to 2020 and to review the results of its investment promotion activities in 2011. Vietnam Economic News' Hong Anh recorded the opinions of State officials, experts and investors about the plan as well as measures to ensure its successful implementation.

The plan sets specific targets for Ninh Thuan Province. The provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is projected to grow 16-18 percent annually in the 2011-2015 period and 19-20 percent in 2016-2020. By 2015, the industrial and construction sectors are expected to contribute 40 percent to the provincial GDP, the agricultural, forestry and fishery sectors 25 percent and services 35 percent. By 2020, their respective contributions to Ninh Thuan’s GDP are expected to be 52-20-28 percent. The per-capita GDP is projected to reach about US$1,400 by 2015 and US$2,800 by 2020. The province's export value is expected to grow 29-30 percent per year in the 2011-2015 period and 24-25 percent in 2016-2020.

Under the plan, Ninh Thuan will give priority to developing sectors such as energy, tourism, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, manufacture/processing, education and training, construction and real estate trading. Those sectors are projected to contribute 91 percent to the provincial GDP and create jobs to meet 85 percent of the local demand for employment.

Dang Huy Dong, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment

The Master Plan for Socioeconomic Development of Ninh Thuan Province to 2020 helps investors know better about the potential and advantages of Ninh Thuan. It will create favorable conditions for investors to seek opportunities to invest in the province. So Ninh Thuan can attract more investment to realize its development targets. When it becomes a clean energy center of the whole country with nuclear power, wind power and solar power plants, Ninh Thuan will meet 5-8 percent of the energy demand in Vietnam and contribute to ensuring energy security for the whole country. The province will establish research and highly qualified human resource training centers for the energy industry. To implement its master plan for socioeconomic development successfully, Ninh Thuan must continue to improve the investment environment and apply the one-stop mechanism in dealing with investment procedures to minimize its disadvantages and attract more investment.

Chris Malone, General Director of Monitor Group

Ninh Thuan shares some similarities with countries such as Dubai and New Zealand and should learn their successful models of development. Ninh Thuan should develop as a 'green and clean economy' and accelerate economic growth in ways which have been followed by Singapore and Hong Kong (China). Specifically, the province must enhance its competitiveness, improve the infrastructure, develop brands and improve the capability as well as the efficiency of administrative officials. To implement its master plan for socioeconomic development successfully, Ninh Thuan must assess existing assets of the provincial economy and its ability to meet market demand, promote cooperation with other localities and make the most of available resources to create breakthroughs in the development process.

Phan Ngo Tong Hung, Chairman of the Board, HD Investment Joint Stock Company

The new socioeconomic development plan of Ninh Thuan is highly appreciated for its feasibility and is believed to improve the province's competitiveness and bring lots of opportunities to domestic and foreign investors. The plan reflects Ninh Thuan's determination to boost sustainable socioeconomic development based on the two key industries: energy and tourism. The solutions proposed in the plan are suitable with the actual condition of the province. It is hoped that with its clear orientations and policy support from the Government, Ninh Thuan will be able to implement its master plan successfully.

Mark Fogarty, Director of Advisor Pty Limited Australia

I highly appreciate Ninh Thuan's master plan for socioeconomic development and believe it will open lots of opportunities for investors. The establishment of the Ninh Thuan Economic Development Office (EDO) and the one-stop mechanism which the province is pursuing will create favorable conditions for investors, especially foreign investors, to invest in Ninh Thuan. However, the biggest concern for Ninh Thuan is seeking ways to realize the plan. I think the province must take prompt action to implement this plan. It must cooperate with other localities to boost mutual development. Notably, Ninh Thuan must develop green, clean energy sources to promote sustainable growth in the future. At the same time, the province must boost tourism development. Ninh Thuan can learn the successful experience of some countries in the world such as Spain and Brazil to attract tourists to grape gardens and wine production facilities./.