Ninh Thuan Province adopts ambitious energy, tourism, farming goals

06:00 | 14/06/2021 Economy

(VEN) - From one of the poorest localities in Vietnam, the south central coastal province of Ninh Thuan has risen to the top five localities nationwide in terms of economic growth in the 2015-2020 period. Its aspiration and determination to turn difficulties into advantages has helped the province attain significant achievements in socioeconomic development. Vietnam Economic News’ Hong Ha spoke with Tran Quoc Nam, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Communist Party Committee and Chair of the provincial People’s Committee, about Ninh Thuan’s economic development directions for the 2021-2025 period.

ninh thuan province adopts ambitious energy tourism farming goals
Tran Quoc Nam, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Communist Party Committee and Chair of the provincial People’s Committee

Impressive development indexes have helped Ninh Thuan move ahead to rank among the top five provinces nationwide in terms of economic growth. Which spearhead sectors will the province focus on in the 2021-2025 period?

Given the province’s favorable conditions and difficulties, Ninh Thuan has identified four pillars of the local economy in the 2021-2025 period: (1) renewable and clean energy development; (2) tourism development; (3) building high-tech agricultural zones and farming areas associated with the commodity market; and (4) urban development associated with tourism promotion.

We have surveyed the province’s potential and advantages for renewable and clean energy development and found that it has the potential to generate nearly 20,000MW of electricity from renewable energy sources. Therefore, we have submitted to the government our plan to add about 6,000MW of electricity from renewable energy to the provincial power grid.

With its advantages for solar and wind power, as well as gas-fired and storage hydropower development, and suitable policies and mechanisms of the government and the province, we believe Ninh Thuan will become one of Vietnam’s top renewable and clean energy centers.

Along with exploiting renewable energy resources, we are also promoting urban development in combination with relaxation tourism to create high socioeconomic values.

To promote economic development, Ninh Thuan has appealed to investors to visit the province for surveys. Investors have already developed some large-scale projects in the province, such as the Ca Na Seaport Complex (first stage) of the Trung Nam Group, consisting of two wharfs with 70,000-tonne capacity, expected to be completed this year, gradually forming a logistics network in the province.

ninh thuan province adopts ambitious energy tourism farming goals
Phan Rang garlic is a specialty of Ninh Thuan Province

High-tech and clean agriculture associated with the commodity market is one of Ninh Thuan’s spearhead economic sectors. However, given water shortages and droughts, what kinds of farm produce will be prioritized and will investment in agriculture be promoted?

Ninh Thuan suffers some of the most severe natural conditions and harsh climate in Vietnam. The average rainfall throughout the province is around 700mm per year. The soil is depleted and lacks water due to drought all year round.

Such climatic and soil conditions hinder Ninh Thuan’s agricultural development but enable the province to expand the planting of specific crops such as grape, jujube, onion, garlic, asparagus, and develop sheep breeding. In recent years, the province has paid special attention to improving the quality of its farm products to enhance their competitiveness in the domestic market, paving the way for their presence in the global market.

To achieve this target, we are diversifying farming models and increasing investment in clean, organic and smart farming. Researchers recently launched a new grape variety which is selling well in the domestic market.

We will continue improving farm produce quality through scientific research and technology application, developing clean, organic and smart farming. To do this, we encourage scientists to research and transfer new farming techniques to farmers. For their part, farmers should be determined to learn and apply new technologies.

ninh thuan province adopts ambitious energy tourism farming goals
Ninh Thuan has attractive tourist sites

Tourism is also a major advantage of Ninh Thuan. However, this sector has yet to achieve breakthroughs in development. How will the province promote tourism development and increase its competitive advantages compared with neighboring localities?

A coastal province, Ninh Thuan has both the sea and forests, with special landscapes ideal to develop tourism.

Apart from landscapes, Ninh Thuan is also home to traditional cultures of the Cham and Raglai ethnic groups. The province’s great potential for tourism development remains untapped. Tourism investors have come to Ninh Thuan and are seeking opportunities to invest. We plan to create distinctive tourism products, including leisure tourist sites, tours to discover local culture and experience local farming. The harmonious combination of different tourism forms will make Ninh Thuan a special destination.

ninh thuan province adopts ambitious energy tourism farming goals
Ninh Thuan has great potential for renewable energy development

Which factors will you focus on during your tenure as the Chair of the provincial People’s Committee in order to improve the efficiency of the local administrative apparatus so that it can benefit businesses and people?

In the 2021-2025 period, highlighting the motto “Solidarity, creativity, discipline, development, acceleration, efficiency” and the spirit “Government goes alongside businesses”, Ninh Thuan will mobilize the entire political system to enhance the efficiency of the administrative apparatus at all levels, while at the same time accelerating administrative and institutional reforms, intensifying the application of information technology, and increasing the sense of responsibility in the implementation of public tasks. We will encourage businesses to promote digital transformation to increase productivity, improve quality and enhance competitiveness, keeping pace with global business development trends. Ninh Thuan will also continue improving the investment and business environment to help businesses overcome difficulties and promote creative startups.

ninh thuan province adopts ambitious energy tourism farming goals

Many investors have come to Ninh Thuan, considering it a safe destination. Do you have any message for domestic and foreign businesses?

We are willing to welcome and accompany domestic and foreign investors with our highest sense of responsibility. We will create the most favorable conditions for investors to carry out their projects successfully in Ninh Thuan. The success of investors and businesses will contribute to the province’s development and promote its image as a reliable destination.

A coastal province, Ninh Thuan has both the sea and forests, making it ideal for tourism development.

Hong Ha