Ninh Hai District set to boost sea-based economy, tourism

13:00 | 22/06/2021 Economy

(VEN) - Almost 60 kilometers of Ninh Thuan Province’s 106km coastline passes through Ninh Hai District, which is bringing into play its huge potential to boost economic development.

ninh hai district set to boost sea based economy tourism
Ninh Hai District is determined to become a dynamic center of marine economic development

Sea-related potential

The chair of the Ninh Hai District People’s Committee, Nguyen Thanh Phu, said Ninh Hai has more natural advantages and bigger potential to develop a sea-based economy than other provincial localities. Development of a marine economy, including fishing, processing, aquaculture and salt production has become a top priority in the district.

Ninh Hai is home to numerous coral reefs, where different rare and precious seafood species live and spawn, and has rich fishing areas with many species of highly valuable seafood.

Ninh Hai also has historical relic sites and beautiful landscapes associated with Binh Son and Ninh Chu beaches, Vinh Hy Bay, and the Nui Chua National Park, to which eco-tours and sea-based and relaxation tours can be developed. Ninh Hai accounts for 50 percent of Ninh Thuan Province’s marine salt production, with salt fields covering 650ha, mostly in the lagoons of Vua, Khanh Hai and Tri Hai, providing an output of about 290,000 tonnes per year.

The district’s aquaculture area covers more than 600ha, including 500ha of commercial shrimp farming area that provides an annual output of 2,100 tonnes. Many efficient aquaculture models have been replicated in the district’s 316 competitive seafood breed production facilities.

ninh hai district set to boost sea based economy tourism
Groundbreaking ceremony of Ninh Chu Ocean Park and the marking of a “green” Saturday associated with new rural area construction

Sea-based urban area development is also being enhanced in Ninh Hai. The district’s famous Dam Nai (Nai Lagoon) has attracted a large number of urban area investors and the Cat Hai Urban Area project is also calling for investment.

Tourism, a spearhead economic sector

Its long coastline and famous Vinh Hy Bay and Nui Chua National Park (including a primeval forest) provide Ninh Hai with great tourism potential, drawing investor interest.

ninh hai district set to boost sea based economy tourism
Agricultural products associated with tourism development

Ninh Hai has set targets of developing its economy on a fast and sustainable basis in the 2020-2025 period, prioritizing its marine economy and tourism development. The district will continue economic restructuring to increase the proportion of the trade and service sector to 38 percent and that of industry and construction to 38 percent, and decrease the proportion of agriculture, forestry and fishery to 24 percent.

Ninh Hai will be forming and developing tourist attractions in the Ninh Chu-Vinh Hy complex, building an international standard kitesurfing area in My Hoa Village of Vinh Hai Commune and new high-grade urban areas and tourist attractions as an impetus to growth, and diversifying its range of tourism services. The district will expand tourism promotion activities, connect tours and tourist routes, organize events, build geographical indications, and develop special tourist offerings. Ninh Hai has set an annual seven percent tourist arrival number growth target and a six percent tourism revenue growth target.

From now to 2025, the district will also focus on modern and environmentally friendly development of the trade, service, construction and industrial sectors. Ninh Hai will attract investment in its Tri Hai Industrial Zone, upgrade the Ninh Chu general port, lure investment in development of renewable and clean energy, and make use of the district’s potential and advantages.

Ninh Hai is determined to become a dynamic center of marine economic development in Ninh Thuan Province, achieving new rural district standards and boosting urbanization.

Xuyen Ha