Ninh Binh Province Investment boosts rural industrial production

13:00 | 26/04/2020 Industry

(VEN)- Ninh Binh Province has contributed to modernization of its rural industrial production by investing capital in supporting innovation and application of advanced machinery and equipment. 

ninh binh province investment boosts rural industrial production

3D stone sculpting

The Center for Industry and Trade Promotion and Industrial Cluster Development in the northern Red River Delta province used VND600 million from the national industry promotion fund in 2019 to invest in four high-tech 3D stone sculpting machines for the Private Minh Quyen Ninh Binh Enterprise and Lam Tao Fine Arts Stone Company Limited in Ninh Van Commune, Hoa Lu District. According to feedback from the two beneficiaries, manual cold chisel tools can only create one product at a time and are time-consuming and labor-intensive for sophisticated carving patterns with intricate details. However, the high-tech 3D machines turn out many products with a high degree of accuracy, increasing labor productivity 1.5 times and reducing manual labor by 50 percent. In addition, workers’ monthly incomes are stable at VND6-7 million and product costs are lower, contributing to greater demand.

The center has also supported the A Chau Food Joint Stock Company in Nam Son Ward, Tam Diep City with VND400 million for building demonstration models of agricultural processing techniques. The company has invested in a modern, comprehensive agricultural processing line with a design capacity of about 2,000 tonnes of products per year. The resulting products are not only of high quality, but also ensure food hygiene and safety. Currently, the company’s main products, such as mashed sweet corn, canned peas, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, are exported to some Eastern European countries and meet export standards of the European market.

A Chau, Minh Quyen Ninh Binh and Lam Tao are typical rural industrial enterprises that have been successful with the support of Ninh Binh industry promotion in recent years. The support of renovation of equipment and machinery has prioritized strong industries in the province, yielding not only high efficiency for each beneficiary, but also a high replication rate.

ninh binh province investment boosts rural industrial production

Increased support

According to data from the Ninh Binh Industry and Trade Department, from 2016 to 2020, the province allocated VND30.2 billion to 207 industry promotion projects. On an annual basis, although industry promotion funding has not increased steadily, it has remained high compared to other provinces and cities across the country. Specifically, this funding reached over VND5.3 billion in 2016, over VND3.6 billion in 2017, over VND3.9 billion in 2018, over VND10.2 billion in 2019 and about VND7.2 billion in 2020.

In 2019, the People’s Committee of Ninh Binh Province promulgated a regulation significantly increasing the support level for industry promotion. For example, support for the development of technical demonstration models to popularize new technologies and manufacture new products increased to 30 percent of the cost but not exceeding VND600 million per model, an increase of VND300 million per model compared to 2018.

In order to effectively expand the production model, the support level has been increased by VND30 million per model compared to last year. Support for advanced machines and technology, scientific and technical advances transfer in industrial and small-scale production was raised to 50 percent of the cost but not exceeding VND300 million per establishment, an increase of VND150 million per establishment. In addition, the maximum cost to support the repair and upgrade of the environmental pollution treatment system at rural industrial establishments is 30 percent of the cost but does not exceed VND300 million per establishment, an increase of VND100 million per establishment. This document also stipulates the level of support for new contents, such as support for building a pilot model of cleaner industrial production to industrial production establishments - up to 30 percent of the cost but not exceeding VND300 million a model.

These intensive and efficacious investments are the secret to the encouraging results achieved by the Ninh Binh industry promotion programs in recent years.

ninh binh province investment boosts rural industrial production

Hai Linh