Ninh Binh Province: Industry promotion boosts productivity

12:34 | 19/05/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Benefiting from industry promotion programs’ financial assistance, rural industrial enterprises in the northern province of Ninh Binh have procured advanced technology to improve productivity and product quality.

industry promotion boosts productivity

Based in Ninh Binh Province, the Asia Foods Joint Stock Company exports processed agricultural products to Russia (accounting for about 55 percent of the company’s export value) and the Ukraine (40 percent). The company sells the remaining five percent of its products domestically.

Benefiting from an industry promotion program, the company implemented a project for building a farm produce processing demonstration model at a total cost of more than VND5 billion. Accordingly, the company procured foreign advanced production equipment with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes of product per year, which helps it churn out products of high quality, meeting food hygiene and safety standards and satisfying the strict requirements of discerning EU markets. The project has not only helped the company increase productivity, revenue and profit but also create jobs with stable income for local workers.

Asia Foods Joint Stock Company is one of many rural industrial enterprises in Ninh Binh Province to benefit from industry promotion programs. From 2014 to 2018, the Industry Promotion Center of Ninh Binh Province assisted 91 enterprises to apply advanced machinery and equipment to production. The projects helped businesses reduce costs, make full use of local potential, and meet domestic and foreign market demands. They also helped improve the competitiveness and market share of provincial products, including sedge and banana trunk-based fine art and handicraft articles, garment, embroideries, and fine art stones.

However, adverse market changes have posed difficulties for industrial enterprises in export activities, while the poor annual industry promotion capital doesn’t encourage industrial and handicraft enterprises to expand production and develop new industries.

Under its long-term orientation on industrial promotion, the Ninh Binh Province Department of Industry and Trade has introduced practical solutions to help rural industrial enterprises overcome difficulties and apply advanced technology to production. The province will build projects and programs to create breakthroughs in different industries, and strengthen consultancy activities and non-financial support for rural industrial establishments to help them apply cleaner production. The province will also build craft village infrastructure and enable rural industrial establishments to access capital for application of advanced machinery and equipment to production.

From 2014 to 2018, Ninh Binh Province’s industry promotion sector spent more than VND8.75 billion in implementing

projects for application of advanced equipment and technology to production to help rural industrial enterprises

improve their competitiveness.

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