Ninh Binh Province focuses on building technical demonstration models

15:00 | 12/07/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Based on the results of industry promotion programs, in the 2021-2025 period, Ninh Binh Province will spend much of capital resources to implement contents that directly impact production and business capacity of rural industrial enterprises.

Clear benefits

According to data from Ninh Binh Province’s Department of Industry and Trade, from 2014 to 2020, the province implemented 237 industry promotion projects with total funding of more than VND35.18 billion. The provincial Center for Industry and Trade Promotion and Industrial Cluster Development used this funding to carry out major projects including vocational training and skill improvement; improving management capacity for rural industrial establishments; developing outstanding rural industrial products; providing consultations; supporting the establishment of joint ventures for economic cooperation, developing industrial clusters, relocation of establishments causing environmental pollution, and more.

ninh binh province focuses on building technical demonstration models
Mobilizing industry promotion capital helps rural industrial establishments improve production capacity

Some 130 projects supporting technical demonstration models, application of advanced machinery and equipment in industrial, handicraft production, environmental treatment and energy efficiency accounted for 40.93 percent of the funding. They have proved effective, helping beneficiaries improve production capacity, increase revenue and create new jobs.

One such project was the application of advanced machinery and equipment in producing and crafting fine art stones at the Luong Gia Fine Art Co., Ltd, the Quang Huy Ninh Binh Fine Art Stone Co., Ltd, and the Duc Hien private enterprise. The results demonstrate that the project helped the beneficiaries increase productivity, save costs and lower product prices, and create jobs with average incomes of VND6 million a month. Another example is a project for the application of advanced machinery and equipment in processing agricultural products implemented at the Vinasam Export Agricultural Product Processing Co., Ltd. Using national funding, the local industry promotion center helped Vinasam invest in automatic machines with a capacity 10 times greater than manual production.

Prioritizing technology application

In the 2021-2025 period, Ninh Binh will still focus attention on building technical demonstration models; technology transfers and use of advanced production machines with estimated funding of about VND25.3 billion. The provincial industry promotion center is expected to build eight new technical demonstration models, support 69 rural industrial establishments in using advanced machinery and equipment, two others in applying industrial production lines and seven others in repair and upgrade of their environmental pollution treatment systems.

To fulfill these targets, the department seeks to ensure sufficient funding. In addition, the province plans intensive industry promotion projects for the development of industrial and craft production.

In the 2021-2025 period, Ninh Binh Province will implement industry promotion programs with total estimated funding of VND130.41 billion, of which VND53.23 billion will be funded by the state budget, and the rest raised from other economic sectors.

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