Nichiden Vietnam Co., Ltd: Grasping market demand

14:57 | 27/05/2016 Companies

(VEN) - Nichiden Vietnam Co., Ltd General Director Tran Quy Loi told Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong that Vietnamese support industries were developing, and to meet new market demands, the company’s strategy is offering new, advanced technological solutions for production.

Nichiden Vietnam Co., Ltd: Grasping market demand

Could you briefly introduce the company and share your views on the Vietnamese market as part of the ASEAN region, as well as future development trends of Vietnamese support industries?

Nichiden Vietnam Co., Ltd is a joint venture company of the Japanese Nichiden Group which was established in 1935 with more than 40 branches and three automated logistics centers currently operating throughout Japan, and a network of representative offices in Asia. Nichiden Vietnam specializes in providing consultancy and transferring production lines, technologies, transmission products, industrial machinery, and automation equipment. The company distributes the products and technological solutions of 400 Japanese firms in the Vietnamese market, wishing to contribute to the development of Vietnamese industries.

In ASEAN, Thailand and Malaysia remain Vietnam’s major competitive rivals. However, Vietnamese industries have developed rapidly during the last two years and I think the growth will continue in the coming time, especially in the field of processing and manufacturing.

Vietnam’s participation in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and its ASEAN Economic Community membership will bring Vietnamese industrialists opportunities to promote their presence in difficult-to-please markets such as the US, Australia, and Japan.

What do you think Vietnamese support industries should do to achieve breakthrough growth compared with other countries in the region?

To improve their position in ASEAN and promote their presence in the global market, Vietnamese support industries need to increase cooperation with foreign technical investors while at the same time taking the initiative in seeking updated information about new applications. Greater attention needs to be paid to developing industries that require a high level of accuracy and automation. Vietnamese businesses should make the most of opportunities to expand cooperation with Japanese businesses. Japan can help Vietnam achieve a breakthrough in developing support industries.

Could you share Nichiden’s business strategy to meet new market demands?

To meet growing manufacturer demands, Nichiden has maintained tight relations with reputable suppliers and promoted its connection with new industrial products manufacturers. We are committed to providing manufacturers with new, advanced technological solutions to help them maximize manufacturing efficiency.

Could you say something about Nichiden’s participation in the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2016?

This was the second time we participated in an exhibition organized by Reed Tradex. Last year, Nichiden participated in Metalex in Ho Chi Minh City. This year, we chose Manufacturing Expo in Hanoi in the hope of expanding our market in the north.

Nichiden Vietnam’s pavilion welcomed more than 900 visitors. Major customers such as Samsung, Canon, Honda, and Toyota showed their wish to learn about products and technologies distributed by Nichiden. They highly appreciated our consulting and technical training services. Canon agreed to use our technical assessment services.


Nguyen Huong