Nguyen Xuan Phuc re-elected as Prime Minister

08:46 | 27/07/2016 Events

As many as 485 out of 489 deputies present at the July 26 plenary session of the 14th National Assembly, or 98.18 percent, voted for Nguyen Xuan Phuc as Prime Minister for the 2016-2021 tenure.

Nguyen Xuan Phuc re-elected as Prime Minister

Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the swearing-in ceremony on July 26

A resolution on the election of the new Government leader was also passed by 482 deputies, or 97.57 percent.

In his swearing-in ceremony, the newly elected PM clarified his great responsibility assigned by the Party, NA, voters and people nationwide, affirming that he will make every effort to serve the nation and people.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed that Vietnam is facing both development opportunities and challenges, which require the country to optimise its internal strength and make full use of outside support, for the sake of the nation’s interest and the rapid and sustainable development towards becoming a rich country with increased position in the world arena.

Currently, Vietnam is ranking 14th worldwide in population, but only at 48th position in terms of economic scale and 133rd in per capita GDP, he noted.

The new Government leader emphasised that faster growth is also urgent to cope with the risk of population aging surpassing growth, as the golden period of average population age is to end in the next 10 years.

In the context of high public debt and debt payment pressure, along with inefficiency in bad debt settlement and limited resources for development in the next period, the Government must work harder to streamline the administrative system at all levels, while taking the initiative in saving public funds and property, he said.

The PM underscored that in order to grow in a sustainable manner, it is crucial to increase investment effectiveness; pointing to the need to speed up institutional reform, and improve education and technology.

The recent natural disasters, drought and saltwater intrusion, which have caused unprecedented and massive losses, require the country to stand more actively ahead of the great challenges brought about by increasingly fast and devastating climate change, he stated.

Particularly, the PM highlighted how essential environmental protection is during the country’s development process, reiterating the Formosa Ha Tinh lesson. This is a bitter lesson of undertaking policies to receive and manage foreign-invested projects, which must not reoccur, he stressed.

He also pledged to review major projects and keep a closer watch on their commitments in environmental protection and technology transfer.

“As the leader of the top State administrative body, the Government and I will inherit and promote the achievements of the 30-year renewal, tapping all the opportunities and advantages, fixing shortcomings and weaknesses, overcoming difficulties and challenges, and working hard for a Government which works to spur growth, upholds integrity, and acts drastically to serve the people,” vowed the PM.

He also pledged to work to speed up of comprehensive reform, successfully fulfilling socio-economic development goals for the next five years and creating favourable conditions for sustainable development to be maintained in the future.

Nguyen Xuan Phuc was elected as Prime Minister by the 13th National Assembly’s 11th session in April 2016.

Also, during the first session of the 14th NA, the new PM will propose personnel for the Government for the NA’s approval./.


Source: VNA