Nguyen Ba Thinh a well known pepper grower

14:03 | 14/05/2014 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Although experiencing many difficulties, sometimes failures, Nguyen Ba Thinh remained confident that pepper will bring high economic value, and has successfully moved out of poverty and earned the Best Vietnamese Pepper Grower title at the 12th National Technological Innovation Contest.

All farmers in Loc An Commune, Loc Ninh District, Binh Phuoc Province know Nguyen Ba Thinh, the best 56-year-old pepper farmer. He is industrious, dynamic, creative in production, who has invented a specific irrigation system for watering and spraying fertilizer and pesticide solutions, helping pepper farmers reduce labor and costs while improving productivity and product quality.

According to Nguyen Ba Thinh, pepper in Binh Phuoc used to die of diseases and the pepper area in the province was almost gone. Although many local farmer households switched to other crops; he did not.

While most experts asserted that pepper died of diseases from soil difficult to treat, he did believe that it was not the main cause. In his experience, pepper diseases were due to the habits of watering, fertilizing, and spraying pesticides without strict control.

He went everywhere these days looking for machinery and learning pepper growing experience. He found out drip watering machines with quite high prices and decided to borrow to buy. However, besides a number of advantages, the product still had limitations such as small containers, long-time irrigation, easily clogged pipes, and too long and entanglable wire.

After a one year study, he finally succeeded in improving the product and called his irrigation system a 3 in 1 system. The machine when put into operation immediately brings high efficiency, saving fertilizers by 50 percent, labor by 60 percent, and water by 30 percent while increasing productivity from 15-20 percent. Thanks to his invention, local diseased pepper gardens have been revived. The cost of the machine is only VND30 million, about one fourth of the average price for imported alternatives.

He deployed intensive pepper crops, using microbial products and organic fertilizers made from chicken manure to raise the yield and Trichoderma preparations to limit pathogen damage. In addition, he planted some weed species to prevent the soil from erosion, which helped reduce the chemical fertilizer amount by 20-30 percent.

Currently, Nguyen Ba Thinh’s pepper garden can generate a net income of nearly VND2 billion. Many pepper farmer households inside and outside the province have followed his example seeing the effectiveness in his pepper farming model.

“The International Pepper Community (IPC) has sent representatives to visit my pepper garden and confirm my community based initiative. In November 2013, I was invited to Malaysia to attend the 41st IPC Annual Conference and was awarded the Best Vietnamese Pepper Grower Certificate by IPC CEO Kanan,” Nguyen Ba Thinh said./.

By Quynh Nga