Nghe An’s five-year industry promotion achievements

10:08 | 29/10/2015 Industry

(VEN) - Over the past five-year industry promotion activities, Nghe An Province has recorded positive achievements, creating more jobs for rural workers while encouraging rural industrial bases to boost production.

Nghe An’s five-year industry promotion achievements

The Quynh Phuong Seafood Processing Village in Hoang Mai Town, Nghe An Province

Impressive industry promotion figures

According to the Nghe An Department of Industry and Trade,  the province has spent VND19.2 billion in the 2011-2015 period as provincial industrial promotion funding for vocational training for 4,840 rural workers, 4 technical demonstration models, 34 rural industrial bases to buy new production lines and 25 brocade-weaving villages to buy more production equipment.

Nearly VND4.2 billion as national industrial promotion funding for the province has been spent on 9 projects including an overall wastewater treatment project for 40 industrial clusters in the province, 5 vocational training projects for 1,725 rural workers, 1 plastic sheet manufacturing technical demonstration model, 2 technological application projects for wood bar and corrugated iron manufacturing.

More than VND2.6 billion in funding for local cities and towns has also been used for provincial industry promotion.

Nghe An’s industry promotion in the 2011-2015 period has contributed significantly to local rural industrial development, supporting local industrial bases to boost production and sharpen competitiveness while creating more jobs for rural workers and reviving traditional crafts.

However, the province has faced several difficulties in industry promotion including limited industry promotion funding and many ill-prepared industry promotion projects. Moreover, most industry promotion projects were small in scale and slow in progress.

Gaining momentum

Nghe An has drafted an industry promotion program for the 2016-2020 period with a total industry promotion funding of more than VND39.7 billion, which is expected to help the province further improve local industry promotion efficiency and contribute to the development of local rural industry.

In addition, Nghe An will review, amend and perfect local legal documents on industry promotion with the intention of supporting local key products and trades that develop based on local potential, increase industry promotion funding via combining other projects and programs and calling for private investment while enhancing training industry promotion staff.

The Nghe An Department of Industry and Trade will strengthen cooperation with related agencies, organizations and inpiduals to further improve industry promotion activities.


Hai Linh