Nghe An Province: Unique homestay tours delight foreigners

16:23 | 10/05/2018 Society

(VEN) - Nghe An Province is endowed with beautiful natural landscapes and is home to many ethnic minority groups with unique cultures. Travel businesses and local residents in the province are offering attractive homestay tours, notable ones being those in Quy Chau District.

unique homestay tours delight foreigners

Located in the western part of Nghe An Province, Quy Chau is inhabited by Thai ethnic people whose tradition is based on rice cultivation and textile and woodwork crafts.

unique homestay tours delight foreigners

Thai women in Hoa Tien Village have been well known for their brocade weaving techniques and skills for many generations.

The brocade products were originally made for family needs and as a dowry for brides. The Thai women in Hoa Tien are adept at weaving silk and cotton and using herbs, flowers, leaves, and bark as natural dyes, adding unique value to their products.

A variety of activities for every taste awaits visitors to Hoa Tien. They have an opportunity to enjoy local foods, learn how to make banh chung (square glutinous rice cake filled with green bean paste and fat pork) and drink local wine.

They can also join in brocade weaving, bamboo dancing, a game of throwing cotton balls and Nhuon singing activities.

unique homestay tours delight foreigners

Foreign visitors are drawn to Hoa Tien Village out of curiosity about the cultures of the different ethnic groups in general and of the Thai in particular. Being able to join in local activities adds a particularly worthwhile dimension to the visit.

Marcos Daniel from Portugal said he enjoyed trying to make banh chung and other cakes. Jagli Lena from Switzerland said she participated in many Vietnamese traditional games but loved performing the bamboo dance most. Most foreign visitors to the western part of Nghe An Province choose homestay tours which expose them to first-hand information and experience of local life and culture.

Brocade production, watering wheels, and folk games have been well preserved in Hoa Tien. Nguyen Thanh Ha, Deputy Chairman of the Quy Chau District People’s Committee, said many delegations, including foreign visitor groups, come to Hoa Tien both for cultural research and culinary enjoyment. The district is developing ecological tours to attract more visitors in the coming time, Ha said.

Nghe An is strengthening regional connectivity by encouraging travel businesses to work with local residents and authorities to develop community-based tours.

Hoang Trinh