Nghe An Province promotes rural industrial products

08:48 | 16/12/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Poor production technology, product quality and packaging prevent notable rural industrial products of the northern central province of Nghe An from reaching more buyers. However, that it not the only problem they face.

nghe an province promotes rural industrial products

The Van Phan Dien Chau Seafood Joint Stock Company has large-scale production, it exports its products and is providing jobs for a large number of residents. The company’s Van Phan fish sauce product has been certified four times as a nationally-recognized rural industrial product.

Company Director Vo Van Dai said that although it has carved a market niche, the company is facing increasingly tough competition. Although the company has procured modern production lines, ensured food safety and hygiene, and has its trademark registered, it will take it a long time to access supermarket-based distribution systems, Dai said.

In an attempt to improve production packaging and technology, the provincial industry promotion sector has developed solutions to increase sales of industrial products and help manufacturers improve their production capacity and product quality.

The province has received financial support for businesses with industrial products certified or honored at district and provincial levels, while notable products are promoted through the media and prioritized in terms of industry promotion related to production development, technology and equipment improvement, branding, trade promotion, and workforce training.

According to a representative of the Nghe An Province Department of Industry and Trade, industry promotion programs have promoted the province’s notable rural industrial products by assisting their manufacturers to improve production capacity and expand and find markets.

The representative proposed that the Ministry of Industry and Trade implement consistent award policies for notable industrial products certified at different levels, increase reward levels for products recognized at regional and national levels, extend the recognition period from two to five years to attract more businesses to notable industrial product development and honor programs. Favorable conditions need to be created for businesses with nationally recognized notable industrial products to participate in trade fairs and business delegations to foreign markets.

District authorities need to pay more attention to honoring and promoting notable industrial products and assisting manufacturers of those products to improve management and develop production.

Since 2012, Nghe An Province has held many events to honor and promote notable industrial products, recognizing 128 products at the district level, 47 products at the provincial level, 13 products at the regional level and seven products at the national level.

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