NFVC, Generali Vietnam launch community educational program

09:50 | 24/06/2020 Companies

On the occasion of the National action month for children 2020, The National Fund for Vietnamese Children (NFVC) and Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC officially launched a community educational program named “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” (Born Children, Born Parents). The program aims to offer parents with children aged 0 - 6 years parenting knowledge, experience and skills to help children grow to their full potential in the love of the family.

“Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” is part of “The Human Safety Net”, a Generali Group’s global movement initiated in 2017. The Human Safety Net’s families program supports parents in the first six years of their children’s life to lay the strongest possible foundations for their future, contributing to early childhood development in disadvantaged communities around the world. In Vietnam, the local program is developed by NFVC and Generali Vietnam, referencing UNICEF’s materials.

The program extends its reach to the community with practical and useful content via creative and interesting formats. In its first edition, the program focuses on three topics of health, behaviors and intelligence of children under 6. The program will be delivered via an online sitcom series, in which Merited Artist Xuan Bac, NFVC’s Goodwill Ambassador, is involved in directing and acting; as well as local workshops organised in selected kindergartens across Vietnam. Program’s booklets and online sitcoms will be available free of charge while parents will enjoy free admissions to all parenting workshops.

From now until year end, at least 2,000 parents and children under six, and about 400 kindergarten teachers and officers from cities and provinces across Vietnam are expected to benefit from the program. In addition, the program targets to reach millions more via digital platforms.

Apart from financially sponsoring the program’s development and implementation, Generali Vietnam also provides volunteering support. The Company’s selected staff and agents who have received necessary training will help facilitate local parenting workshops. The program will also offer meaningful gifts to the most disadvantaged families in the communes where the workshops take place.

Mr Hoang Van Tien, Director of the NFVC, spoke at the program announcement event: “The current society is facing many issues, including challenges that distort our culture and erode traditional family core values. Many parents still lack the skills necessary to take good care of their children, leading to child violence and abuses that impede the children’s comprehensive development. Such reality brings the NFVC and Generali Vietnam together to jointly develop and implement a program that aims to equip parents, grandparents and guardians of children under six with essential parenting skills. “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” was conceived out of a desire to help and support parents and guardians through sharing knowledge and skills in the areas of child health, education and protection”.

Ms Tina Nguyen, Generali Vietnam CEO, said: “The idiom “Children are born before their parents, while grandchildren are born before their grandparents” speaks about the creation of parental and grandparental roles upon the birth of a child. In their new roles, parents will continue to “grow together with their children”. The program aims to promote the importance of parental roles as well as the necessary know-hows to fulfill these roles to parents across the country. The program will also contribute to the realization of Generali’s strategy of “Becoming a Lifetime Partner” to Vietnamese families”.

The NFVC and Generali Vietnam have joined hands to support the community since 2016 with the scholarship program “Your Companion To School” benefiting students in hardship. As at June 2020, the program has granted 3,000 scholarships to disadvantaged students across Vietnam and is being carried out in continuation.