New war film honours soldiers

09:23 | 16/04/2015 Society

Veteran director Xuan Cuong's latest film on the Anti-American War in South Vietnam will be released next week, as part of the Department of Cinematography's film screening to mark the 40th anniversary of the country's Reunification Day on April 30.

New war film honours soldiers

The film, titled Duong Xuyen Rung (The Path across the Jungle), was written by Van Le, a veteran author and documentary filmmaker.

It is based on the novel of the same name by Le Van Thao, winner of the Ho Chi Minh Awards in Literature and Arts 2012, presented annually by the Government.

The film focuses on the 72-day operation Junction City by American forces in Tay Ninh Province in 1967. The operation aimed to destroy the headquarters of the liberation forces and the Central Committee of the People's Revolutionary Party.

Some 30,000 American troops and 240 helicopters took part in the operation.

It also portrays the love between a liberation soldier, Vinh (played by Truong The Vinh) and Ha (played by Tang Huynh Nhu), who find ways to escape from the enemy's clutches.

"We received support from the military to complete our film," said the film's director Cuong, who began his film project in 2013.

"Our film is a gift to Vietnamese soldiers who devoted their life to the country's independence," he added.

In an interview with local media before the release of the film, Cuong said he wanted to help younger generations learn more about country's history.

The film will be in cinemas on April 20.

Source VOV News