New tasks, new targets

14:16 | 27/02/2018 Industry

(VEN) - In 2017, despite numerous difficulties, the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) fulfilled its annual plan, paving the way for it to achieve its 2018 targets.

new tasks new targets

Great efforts

At a recent meeting held to discuss the implementation of 2018 tasks, EVNNPT General Director Vu Ngoc Minh said the corporation made great efforts in 2017 to achieve the annual targets as assigned by the Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN). The corporation maintained safe and uninterrupted operation of the national power transmission network, ensuring a sufficient supply of electricity for socioeconomic development and people’s lives. The transmission output reached 166.17 billion kWh, a rise of 6.4 percent compared with 2016; the number of interruptions decreased by 22.23 percent; 763 repair works costing a total of VND741.7 billion were accomplished, equal to 100 percent of the annual plan and up 23.3 percent compared with 2016.

EVNNPT started work on 38 projects and put into use 50 projects, including important and urgent power supply projects for Hanoi and the southern region, the transmission of electricity generated by thermoelectric plants, and reducing the overload of power plants. The corporation has completed investment approval procedures for the implementation of the 500kV transmission line (circuit 3) project to begin this February.

In 2017, EVNNPT raised labor productivity by 13.2 percent and made profits totaling VND345 billion, while reducing the cost of investment to save more than VND3.27 trillion. The application of modern technologies was boosted. The corporation ensured stable jobs and incomes for its employees.

New targets

According to Vu Ngoc Minh, in 2018, the operation of the 500kV North-South transmission system, as well as the preparation for investment and the compensation for site clearance, will continue facing difficulties. Moreover, the arrangement of investment for investment projects is not simple. Despite these difficulties, EVNNPT, as the “backbone” of the national power system, set higher targets for 2018, aiming to maintain safe and uninterrupted transmission and enhance the capacity and efficiency of the power grid to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Specifically, the corporation expects to raise the transmission output to 181.2 billion kWh, nine percent higher compared with 2017; reduce the loss rate to 2.37 percent; complete and put into use 62 projects; and start work on 43 projects. To achieve these targets, the corporation is focusing its efforts on maintaining safe and stable operations of electrical wires, transformer stations, and especially the 500kV North-South transmission system. Technical management will be tightened along with promoting periodic examinations to carry out necessary repairs on a timely basis. The protection of the high-voltage transmission buffer corridors will be intensified.

EVN Member Council Chairman Duong Quang Thanh praised the results achieved by EVNNPT in 2017 and requested that the corporation make further efforts to fulfill its tasks in 2018, focusing on the transmission of electricity for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and start work on the 500kV transmission line (circuit 3) project as soon as possible.

Dinh Dung