New spring, new motivation, new opportunities

08:33 | 18/02/2018 Society

A new spring has arrived to every corner in Vietnam, bringing about gaiety and hope for a new year with new opportunities, new spirit, and new motivation. That confidence, spirit, and motivation have materialised as a result of the achievements and positive results of more than 30 years of Doi Moi (reform) process, as well as the efforts made by the whole Party, people, and army to overcome the numerous difficulties and challenges in the past years.

A new spring with new opportunities, new spirit, and new motivation is driving us forward!

The results obtained in 2017 have heartened the whole country as for the first time in many years, Vietnam fulfilled and surpassed 13 socio-economic development targets, of which the GDP growth rate was at 6.81%, the highest level in nearly ten years. Results in Party building work affirmed the bravery and wisdom of a revolutionary, scientific, and genuine party. National defence and security have been maintained while the country’s position in the international arena has been enhanced with steady progress made in the work of diplomacy.

However, there are still many obstacles and challenges ahead. Internal weaknesses of the economy, bad debts, public debts; cultural and social concerns; the degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle of a number of cadres and Party members; corruption, wastefulness, sectarianism, and “group interests”; climate change, the complicated and unpredictable situation of the world and region and the East Sea... remain great concerns of the whole Party, people, and army.

The Party and State have proactively proposed fundamental solutions to these issues in the documents of the 12th National Party Congress as well as resolutions adopted at Party Central Committee’s plenums. In order to effectively implement these solutions, the whole Party, people, and army should unite as a stable, scientific and decisive entity ready and prepared to take action in overcoming all difficulties and challenges, and strive for our nation to soon develop into an industrialised country at the forefront of modernity.

The firm and strong Party will lead the country to surmount all challenges to reach the shore of glory!

A new spring with new opportunities, new spirit, and new motivation is driving us forward!

Theo NDO