New production technologies: A focus of Binh Dinh

15:08 | 29/04/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The south-central coastal province of Binh Dinh is pushing ahead with plans to apply new production technologies and promote rural industrial development.  

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Agency for Regional Industry Development, Binh Dinh Province has prioritized budgets for the implementation of industry promotion programs, with an emphasis on applying new technologies in production.

The provincial industry promotion and industrial development consultation center deployed 11 projects on applying new production technologies in 2016. For example, the center provided VND350 million for the Thien Hoang Construction and Trading Co., Ltd. to implement a bio-fuel technical performance model. The project has proven its efficiency, bringing revenues of around VND33 billion a year and creating jobs for more than 45 local workers with incomes of about VND4 million per month.

The center also financed a VND200-million unbaked cement roof tile production project carried out by the Binh De Construction Stone Processing Cooperative. Raw materials were taken from secondary products in the process of stone exploitation and cement. The production process does not use fuels, such as coal and firewood, thereby preventing environmental pollution.
According to the Binh Dinh Department of Industry and Trade, these industry promotion projects have contributed to boosting rural industrial development and creating jobs for local workers.

However industry promotion in the province faces difficulties. Specifically, the level of support for each project remains low, failing to attract investor interest. In addition, product consumption has remained weak although production facilities have invested in upgrading machinery and equipment, while the completion of industry promotion documents is a lengthy process that negatively affects implementation.

To overcome such difficulties, Binh Dinh Province has devised solutions. Accordingly, the provincial industry promotion and industrial development consultation center will soon implement the approved projects, diversify industry promotion contents with a focus on building technical performance models and applying new production technologies, register brands for rural industrial products, and provide more support for disadvantaged localities, new rural areas and mountainous districts.

The center will also cooperate with relevant authorities to conduct market research in order to produce products in accordance with consumer demand.

Bui Viet