New policies take effect in August

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New regulations on preferential treatment for economical use of water, evaluation and classification of cadres and civil servants and transformation of public non-business units into joint-stock companies will take effect since August 2015.

New policies take effect in August

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Decree No. 54/2015/ND-CP, which takes effect since August 1, State agencies, organizations, households and inpiduals shall be subjected to preferential treatment in terms of credit loans, tax exemption and reduction.

Decree No. 56/2015/ND-CP stipulates principles, procedures and criteria for evaluating and classifying cadres, civil servants and public employees as regulated in the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants and the Law on Public Employees.

Decree No. 57/2015/ND-CP provides amendments to a number of articles of the Decree No. 152/2013/NĐ-CP on management of motor vehicles brought into Viet Nam by foreigners for tourism purposes.

Accordingly, foreign motor vehicles permitted to be imported into Viet Nam for the travelling purpose include left-hand drive automobiles for the transport of up to 9 persons, left-hand caravans, and motorbikes.

Decree No. 58/2015/ND-CP on amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 192/2013/ND-CP on penalty for administrative violations of management and use of State-owned property, thrift practice and waste combat, national reserve and State treasure prescribes that a pecuniary penalty from VND20-30 million will be given to the act of misusing funds sourced from the State budget.

Decree No. 59/2015/ND-CP guides detailed implementation of the Law on Construction in terms of construction project management, contractors, classification of construction projects, establishment, assessment and approval of construction projects.

Decision No19/2015/QD-TTg prescribes criteria for identifying hi-tech enterprises. Under the Decision, hi-tech enterprises must satisfy the criteria which are defined at the Investment Law and meet three other criteria.

Decision No. 22/2015/QD-TTg stipulates the transformation of public non-business units under the control of ministries, agencies of the Government, cities and provinces or economic corporations into joint stock companies.

The Decision will come into effect since August 10.

Decision No. 23/2015/QĐ-TTg specifies the State mechanism of payment by means of land fund to investors in construction investment projects in the form of Built-Transfer.

The Decision will take effect since August 15./.


Source: VGP