Neovia Vietnam finds domestic feed market fertile territory

10:21 | 03/10/2018 Companies

(VEN) - Christophe Guillaume, Neovia Vietnam CEO, says the Vietnamese livestock sector is one of the most developed in the world and the biggest in Southeast Asia. He foresees and appreciates opportunities for further growth in Vietnam, and is directing the company towards sustainable development in the country. 

neovia vietnam finds domestic feed market fertile territory

How do you assess the Vietnamese animal feed market in recent years?

The Vietnamese animal feed market is considered to be quite mature, but local enterprises have not won the advantage and are unable to control the market. Thus the advantage is now with foreign-invested enterprises. According to a report by Grand View Research, by 2020, the size of Vietnam’s feed market will reach US$10.55 billion and require 25 to 26 million tonnes of animal feed. In recent years, this sector has grown and developed quite well, with an average annual growth of 13-15 percent.

According to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), animal feed and poultry industry output in 2010 was just 10,598,633 tonnes; by 2016 it exceeded 20 million tonnes. This suggests that the Vietnamese livestock feed market is on fertile ground, carrying great growth potential.

neovia vietnam finds domestic feed market fertile territory
Christophe Guillaume, CEO of Neovia Vietnam

How is Neovia Vietnam poised to exploit the potential you see?

In my view, the Vietnamese livestock sector is one of the most developed in the world and the biggest in Southeast Asia. Production is gradually moving from backyard to industrial middle and big farms demanding more services, solutions and technical support. It will create good opportunities for us. Besides, food safety and quality has increased and is drawing more attention from Vietnamese. More regulations from MARD are applied and strictly controlled. This is a positive development for Vietnamese husbandry.

The only challenge for our company in particular and for the country in general is the fluctuation in pork prices. It badly impacts farmers, distributors and feed mills.

What is the priority for Neovia Vietnam in the next few years?

Of course, the livestock sector is our highest priority. Then the demand for seafood has increased significantly, so aquaculture is our second priority. Last but not least, in the past few years, the habits of feeding pets have changed. Now pets are being considered family members. People are giving special care and attention to pet health, so the cat and dog food industry has made great progress. Currently, Vietnam is considered as a potential market for the pet industry with a remarkable growth rate.

Which brand of Neovia is most favoured in Vietnam? Will Neovia launch new brands in Vietnam next year, after Minino Yum? For the pet food sector, Ganador - dog food brand has become a customer favorite. Early next year, we are planning to launch a super-premium pet food brand, offering a complete range of products to satisfy all customer segments.

As a well-known French brand in this industry, what differentiates Neovia from others in gaining the trust of Vietnamese clients?

Our mission: - Offer solutions and services with high added value to the major players in animal nutrition and health - Guarantee food quality and traceability - Combine innovation and sustainable use of natural resources

We provide products and services, but more importantly, we bring a long-term partnership for sustainable growth in Vietnam.

What will be the growth direction for Neovia in Vietnam in the near future?

Over 20 years in Vietnam, Neovia Vietnam has gradually affirmed its position in the husbandry industry with a nationwide distribution system. With 11 platforms in Vietnam and Cambodia to ensure quality service and the delivery of fresh products to our customers, we are now planning to expand further with two upcoming factories, one in the north and another in the central region.

The company has a strong commitment to Vietnam’s livestock sector, providing French knowhow and technical support to Vietnamese farmers.

Christophe Guillaume: After more than two decades of being present in Vietnam, our customers recognize the high

quality of our offerings and we are proud to be market leaders in high value products, as indicated below.

Marine Fish feed: market leader for more than five years.

Sturgeon: exclusive feed provider for the Vietnam Sturgeon Association.

Pet food: First pet food company to start production in Vietnam, 3 years after entering Vietnam; our brands are

ranked third in this complex market.

Horse feed: supplying all horse riding and racing professionals in Vietnam.

Rabbit feed: market leader for more than five years. - Day Old Ducklings: Four million supplied every year

(70 percent market share) in partnership with Grimaud Freres Selection.

Laboratory partnership with ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council, certifying sustainable seafood production

activities) in Vietnam.

Exports to all over Asia (South East Asia, Australia, etc.) with over 100 twenty feet containers a month leaving

Vietnam to serve our customers in the region. Besides, we have developed many projects with great potential,

allowing us to maintain consistent growth.

BIOSIPEC: Innovative & intensive shrimp farming allowing better surface efficiency and environmental

sustainability, this technological leap in shrimp production allows our customers to increase production of healthier


Bulk truck delivery of feeds to facilitate our customers’ growth and allow quicker delivery of fresh products.

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