NCTS contributes to aviation industry development

15:53 | 14/09/2015 Companies

(VEN) - In recent years, the Vietnamese aviation industry has made great efforts towards international integration and sustainable development with an average growth of about 16 and 10 percent in terms of passengers and cargo during the 2003-2014 period. Together with this trend, the Noi Bai Cargo Terminal Services Joint Stock Company (NCTS) has developed sustainably, gradually strengthened its position and reputation in the Vietnamese aviation sector and become one of the leading air cargo handling companies in the region.

NCTS contributes to aviation industry development

Toward deeper integration

Following governmental policies on equitization of state-owned enterprises to improve business efficiency, the NCTS was established in 2005 based on the capital of three main shareholders – the Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines), the Transport and Chartering Corporation (Vietfrach) and the Noi Bai Aviation Services., JSC (NASCO).

Up to now, the NCTS has concluded cargo handling agreements with nearly 30 international airlines including those operating at Noi Bai International Airport with well-known brands worldwide. Moreover, as a high-quality and best services provider, the NCTS is proud to be an esteemed partner of 6 out of the world’s 10 leading carriers selected via the 2015 World Airline Awards (Skytrax) which was held at Paris Air Show on June 16, 2015. Among these airlines, some have been considered as impressive names such as Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines, and EVA Air.

Actually, the aviation industry in general and air cargo services in particular are one of the most integrated sectors in Vietnam and are expected to reach international stature in coming years. Modern cargo handling equipment systems at numerous airports throughout the world or effective operation control models of five-stars airlines are always good examples for developing companies like the NCTS.  Realizing the imperative requirements for constant improvements in terms of facilities, the NCTS has invested in a full range of the world’s most modern equipment, for example a 40-ton-deadload scale, major cold room with a temperature-alert system in order to provide cargo handling services in an easier and more effective manner. In addition, realizing that information technology (IT)  is the backbone for  a cargo handling company, the NCTS scheduled to launch a new cargo management system (COS) for all flights in the last quarter of 2015. It was designed to enhance security, speed, stability and efficiency in the NCTS’ performance. Especially, this interface system can connect and match with several airlines, making the interaction between the NCTS and foreign partners more convenient.

Sustainable development goal

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the NCTS. During its strategic growth, the NCTS has strived to improve quality management and focus on human resources as two most important factors for its sustainable development.

As an internal air cargo terminal operator whose customers are domestic and international airlines and cargo forwarding agents, the NCTS is committed to operate according to global quality standards.  The NCTS is one among few companies in the aviation sector in Vietnam which were certified by QMS with the ISO 9001-2008 quality management system, It has also become a member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). Besides, the NCTS has received a RA3 certificate regarding the aviation security standards in exporting goods to the European market and passed the US TSA’s audit. Accordingly, the NCTS’ system has been fully qualified to handle export cargo to the EU and the US without re-screening at transit ports. So far this year the NCTS has tried to implement the ISAGO – IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has achieved progress in system improvement toward a comprehensive quality control system.

Human resources play a vital role in the company’s development, and the NCTS always sets first priority in enhancement of labor quality. Annually, the company’s employees are sent abroad to study, and learn experiences from countries with the most modern aviation industries in the world, and how to apply advanced technologies. Apart from being a customer-oriented company, the NCTS has strived to embrace profound corporate culture that motivates and inspires all staff members and executives. Moreover, a dynamic working environment, a good remuneration policy and numerous study opportunities are key factors to attract a large number of qualified people who have worked hard to contribute to making the NCTS a recognized and trusted brand in the Vietnamese civil aviation and logistics sectors.

Thanks to its favorable geographical location in the Asia-Pacific region and the improvement of governmental policies, Vietnam has great potential in terms of air traffic and is predicted to become one of promising destinations for airlines all over the world. As a supply chain and leading company of the Vietnam Airlines Corporation and the Vietnamese civil aviation sector, the NCTS expects to take the opportunity to continue developing significantly and contributing to keeping the Vietnamese aviation industry up with other countries worldwide.


Pham Tien Dung